Full List of Ninja’s Donation Goals and Incentives for the GuardianCon Charity Stream

The 2018 GuardianCon charity stream saved the best for last as the event entered its final block on July 12.

Streaming from 12 – 4 PM ET on the GuardianCon Twitch channel, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins took part in the charity event, looking to fulfill the donation goal of $2.7 million.

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Before his turn on the stream, Ninja revealed his personal donation goals and incentives for the four hours he was schedule to participate.

The ‘goals’ list,  going from $50k – $250k, indicated what he had to do should the overall donation goals be reached, and the ‘incentives’ list were mostly in-game challenges he would have to complete should certain amounts be donated.

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Here are all of the details for both the goals and incentives lists:


  • 50k – Re-Dye Hair
  • 100k – Pon Pon w/ Jess
  • 150k – Cosplay Stream
  • 200k – One Tattoo
  • 250k – Two Tattoos


  • $100 – Grey Weapon Only Game/ Sip of Red Bull
  • $250 – Drop Weapon
  • $500 – Drop All Materials
  • $1000 – No Healing Medkits & First Chest Challenge
  • $2500 – Ninja Donates an Additional $1000 – $10k max

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Upon seeing the incentives, popular YouTuber ‘MrBeast’ commented on Ninja’s tweet, revealing that he had mischievous intentions set for the stream. MrBeast is widely known for his spontaneous, and sometimes outrageously large, donations to streamers.  

At the time of this articles writing, there was less than an hour left for Ninja’s turn on stream, and he had raised nearly $160,000, which was $40k short of the total needed for him to have to get a tattoo.

For full details about GuardianCon and their charity stream for St Judes Children’s Research Hospital, visit their official website here.

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