Everything in Marvel Snap Animals Assembled update: New card Jeff, new locations, more

Animals Assemble Marvel SnapYouTube: Marvel Snap

Here are all the new cards, locations, and other changes that are dropping in the April 2023 season of Marvel Snap, Animals Assembled.

With the Days of Future Past season coming to an end, Marvel Snap is now set to issue in the era of Jeff the Baby Landshark and all his other critter friends.

The Animals Assemble season will feature fewer new locations, as per the most recent changes to Featured and Hot locations, and fewer new cards than past seasons. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of content for new and veteran players to unlock!

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Here is everything coming to Marvel Snap in the April Season, Animals Assembled.


Marvel Snap Animals Assemble Season dates

The Animals Assemble Season begins on April 3, 2023, and will run throughout the month of April. The season will end sometime in the first week of May, with a still-unknown set that some are theorizing will be connected to the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Marvel Snap Animals Assembled Season Pass price

As was the case in past seasons, players can opt into either of the two paid tracks for bonus content not available in the free tier. The Premium Season Pass is available for $9.99 and unlocks the premium reward track. The Premium+ bundle, which prices at $14.99, skips the first 10 tiers right away to instantly unlock all that content.

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Animal theme in new Marvel Snap Season

Whereas Quantumania and Days of Future Past were centered around existing comic and movie titles, Animals Assembled appears to be focused more on individual creatures in Marvel. Not only are all the new cards based on Animals, but the new Rian Gonzales variants are coming to existing animal cards like Goose and Cosmo.

New Marvel Snap Animals Assembled cards

Four new cards are coming to Marvel Snap as part of the Animals Assembled Season in April 2023.

Snowguard is a 1-cost, 2-power card that will take either a Hawk or Bear form in your hand. The Bear form will trigger the effect of the location where it is played, while Hawk will disable all location abilities in the following turn. Since the form isn’t known until the card enters your hand, it’s a bit harder to build a strategy around Snowguard, but it could be a very good disruption card in a lot of decks.

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The highly-anticipated Jeff the Baby Landshark is a 2-cost, 3-power card that can be played at any location and moved once after it’s played. This will be a fantastic addition to any disruption deck since it can be played and moved at locations that are normally inaccessible like locations flooded by Storm.

Jeff the Baby LandsharkYouTube: Marvel Snap, Marvel Snap
Jeff will join the Marvel Snap collection.

Hit-Monkey is a 2-cost, 0-power card that gains 2 power for every other card you play that same turn. This seems like a tailor-made finishing card in Patriot decks, where players can spam 1 or 2-cost cards toward the end to maximize Hit-Monkey’s power (theoretically he could hit +8 power with no amplifiers).

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Stegron is a 4-cost, 5-power card with an On Reveal ability that moves an enemy card from the location where it is played to another location. This seems like it would be a great disruptor card to counter any attempts to set up 4/5/6 card strategies at one location or remove an Ongoing effect card.

New Marvel Snap Animals Assembled locations

There are two new locations to be added in Animals Assembled.

First is the Pet Avengers Mansion, where all cards must be played on the turn that it is revealed. This could prove very disruptive to players who are trying to use shown locations to maximize their cards’ power.

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Second is The Sandbar, a location that prevents a player from adding cards with any abilities. This means that, if a player doesn’t have movement cards or no ability cards, they might be conceding this location.

Marvel Snap Animals Assembled Season Pass rewards

Tier 1New Card (Hit-Monkey)
Tier 2100 Credits
Tier 325 Hit-Monkey Boosters
Tier 4100 Gold
Tier 5200 Credits
Tier 625 Hit-Monkey Boosters
Tier 7Mystery Variant
Tier 815 Boosters
Tier 9New Title: Marking Your Deck
Tier 10100 Credits
Tier 11100 Gold
Tier 12New Avatar (Cosmo)
Tier 13200 Credits
Tier 1430 Cosmo Boosters
Tier 15100 Gold
Tier 1615 Boosters
Tier 17100 Credits
Tier 18Cosmo Variant (Rian Gonzales)
Tier 19100 Gold
Tier 2030 Cosmo Boosters
Tier 2115 Boosters
Tier 22Mystery Variant
Tier 23200 Credits
Tier 2415 Boosters
Tier 25New Card Back
Tier 26200 Credits
Tier 27New Title: Not Potty Trained
Tier 28100 Credits
Tier 29100 Gold
Tier 30New Avatar (Goose)
Tier 31200 Credits
Tier 3230 Goose Boosters
Tier 33100 Gold
Tier 34Goose Variant (Rian Gonzales)
Tier 35200 Credits
Tier 3630 Goose Boosters
Tier 37100 Gold
Tier 3825 Boosters
Tier 39100 Credits
Tier 40Mystery Variant
Tier 41200 Credits
Tier 4260 Hit-Monkey Boosters
Tier 43200 Credits
Tier 44New Title: Food Motivated
Tier 45500 Credits
Tier 46New Avatar (Hit-Monkey)
Tier 47Mystery Variant
Tier 48New Card Back
Tier 49500 Gold
Tier 50Hit-Monkey Variant (Cyborg)
Tier 51 +Season Pass Cache

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