Dead Space fans blown away by new details

Dead Space remaster receives great reviews as players find all new details and improvements.EA

Dead Space’s remake is being praised by fans with positive reviews as players continue to find new and intricate details within it.

EA, the developer who created the original Dead Space back in 2008, has released a new remake of the game that has fans applauding the new details. The horror game has been a huge success, with updated graphics making it more immersive than ever.

Remakes of games can be risky, as players have nostalgic memories of their time playing the original titles. It can be hard to capture those same feelings while trying to improve the gameplay or graphics – especially without diverting too far from what made it so memorable.

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Despite this, EA has clearly taken time and care with the remaster of Dead Space. Its new improvements and additions have been taken eagerly by fans, who are finding new additions and details as they work their way back through the story.

Dead Space fans learn about the science of spacewalks

Both new and returning players have taken to Twitter to share their experiences while playing the Dead Space remake. The long dark halls filled with open vents and broken doors create the same tension and fear felt in the original while exploring the Ishimura. 

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In a Twitter post by RuleTimeSpace, the fan points out some smaller details included in the game, such as ice forming on your suit as you enter space, then thawing once you are back inside. 

Fans replying to the thread shared their opinions and experiences, with one saying, “I like the rag doll physics too, and the fact the suits hanging on racks have physics as well.”

Another user said, “Another small neat detail I noticed while playing the game was that you can’t use the flame thrower while in space anymore.” As there is no oxygen in space for it to work.

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Others improvements like lighting, new character models, and overall optimization have been noticed as reviews hail it as true to its original.

This is a great win for both EA, as fans are able to enjoy the classic experience with enhanced graphics, smooth performance, and new details littered throughout the game. It is definitely a good pick for those looking to immerse themselves in a creepy, sci-fi experience.

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