D&D Dragonlance: Shadow of The Dragon Queen hits historic low in Amazon Cyber Monday deal 

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Grab this engaging D&D 5e adventure now and experience the war-ravaged land of Krynn for yourself. 

Dragonlance is a legendary fantasy setting, and its return in D&D’s fifth edition is something to be celebrated. Dragonlance: Shadow of The Dragon Queen has a lot to live up to, and it succeeds in delivering a dark, action-packed campaign in an updated version of this beloved world. 

This Deluxe Edition of Shadow of The Dragon Queen not only comes with a full adventure and lavishly designed DM screen, but it also includes the Warriors of Krynn board game. This can significantly add to the Shadow of the Dragon Queen experience by tying into important campaign moments, or be played as a full and engaging game in its own right. 

Shadow of The Dragon Queen Deluxe Edition is currently 30% off at Amazon, an incredible deal that is also the lowest the site has ever offered this product.

Take the chance to grab this special edition of one of D&D 5e’s biggest recent successes. Whether adding to your collection or starting a fresh D&D experience, you can’t go wrong with this adventure. 

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Dragonlance: Shadow of The Dragon Queen is one of the most engaging sourcebooks in recent D&D memory. While other 5e releases like Spelljammer could be said to be somewhat scattershot, the Dragonlance sourcebook hones in on a brilliant setting and dark, specific storytelling.  

A Shadow of The Dragon Queen campaign may play out very differently to regular D&D 5e adventures and is all the better for it. This deep into D&D 5e’s lifespan, finding an adventure that stands apart from the pack and confidently does its own thing makes Shadow of The Dragon Queen well worthy of recommendation. 

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