CS:GO hackers steal $1.6 million worth of skins from popular trading site

Shay Robson

$1.6M worth of in-game CS:GO cosmetics have been stolen by hackers from popular skin trading site CSMoney.

Counter-Strike is well-known for not only for being a competitive FPS, but also for its cosmetic marketplace, where players can buy, sell and trade skins that are sometimes worth more than a house.

Some skins have been valued at outrageous amounts. One of the most sought out being the Dragon Lore AWP, which typically sells for anywhere between $10k-20k.

Another example is the pattern 387 factory new Case Hardened Karambit knife. Although it hasn’t been sold, experts value the knife at over $1.5 million, and the owner turned down an offer of €1.2m.

Karambit blue gem knife
The owner of this Case Hardened Karambit knife turned down an offer of €1.2m.

Sadly, the trading community has now taken a big hit. According to skin enthusiast Arrow in a tweet on August 13, over $1.6M worth of skins were stolen from CSmoney – the game’s most popular skin trading website.

Thousands of high-tier skins and knives were stolen, with some being sent to popular Counter-Strike content creators Steam inventories according to Arrow.

“Well over $1,600,000 was just STOLEN from CSmoney,” he wrote on Twitter. “We have found 30+ accounts that are linked to the hackers (there are more we haven’t found) – I suspect that that the hackers sent skins to high tier traders as a distraction.”

“This is the largest website hack we’ve ever seen,” Arrow added.

Following the attack, CSmoney revealed the site will temporarily go down while they look to fix the issue and return to normal functionality.

Currently, the website is still down, and its unclear if Valve will assist in returning the skins to the site, or if the accounts will be banned.

Given that Valve’s relationship with third-party sites isn’t the greatest, it’s anyone’s guess what’ll happen going forward. But, hopefully we’ll see the skins returned to its owners.