dbrand is making Counter-Strike’s rarest “Blue gem” skins a reality

Rosalie Newcombe
Promotional image of the Xbox Case Hardened skin by Dbrand.

Counter-Strike’s infamous Case Hardened skins have been brought to life in a new skin lineup revealed by dbrand.

Getting a ‘blue gem’ pattern skin in Counter-Strike 2 is no easy feat. The most expensive CS2 skin, an AK-47 661 pattern Case Hardened, sold for a mind-boggling $1 million+ in June.

Not only did the ultra-rare AK-47 strike the 1 in 1000 chance of having the sought-after “blue gem” 661 pattern, but its Factory New condition and StratTrak counter made it a one-of-one.

Not all of us have the luck on our side, or the millions in cash to make our blue gem dreams a reality. However, dbrand, known for their console accessories, has revealed a real-life version of Counter-Strike’s Case Hardened skins.

Every device you have in your arsenal, from the Steam Deck, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and even your smartphone can get a Case Hardened makeover.

With over 200 devices supported, picking up a dbrand Case Hardened skin for your favorite piece of tech is easier than the real deal. However, just like the game, each Case Hardened skin comes with its own unique pattern — and includes the ultra-rare ‘Blue Gem’ patterns sought after by Counter-Strike players.

Blue Gems are hard to come by in Counter-Strike 2. Grabbing a Case Hardened skin with the maximum amount of highly sought-after blue is nigh-on impossible.

You have a measly 0.001% chance of unboxing a Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem alone. If you want to try your chances and buy one on the CS skins market, you must also be prepared to lay out more than $10,000, for even the lower-tier blue gems.

However, dbrand’s new Case Hardened line makes things a little easier. Each real-life Case Hardened skin comes with a 3.2% chance of being a Blue Gem.

While having a Blue Gem skin for your favorite handheld likely won’t be worth millions, each skin looks visually striking.

dbrand’s Case Hardened skins are available now on its online store.