Could new EA studio create a open-world Star Wars game?

Nick Farrell
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An open-world Star Wars title is something many of us have been craving. Could a new studio led by an industry veteran be the first clue into what EA is developing next? 

EA is no stranger to the Star Wars entity, as they are best known for developing four recent titles with the latter – Star Wars Squadrons – being the most recent one. However, many regard Jedi Fallen Order as the cream of the crop.

It has been quite some time since there has been an open-world Star Wars game released, with the last notable one really being Knights of The Old Republic. Now, a new studio led by an open-world specialist has perhaps given us a hint into what EA is releasing in the near future.

jedi fallen order
Jedi Fallen Order was EA’s best attempt at a Star Wars game

New EA studio has reported that Kevin Stephen’s who was previously known for being the Vice President at Monolith studios, will be taking the helm as the lead behind a new EA studio.

Monolith is best touted for releasing the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor series, which were an open-world action-adventure series with similar concepts to Assassin’s Creed. Stephen’s joining the team is notable, as the unnamed studio will be directly focusing on these types of games.

While the studio is not up and running as of now, it seems as they will be starting the development of future titles in the near future, but this could mean EA is going to reignite their forgotten open-world Star Wars game.

Open-world Star Wars game

Back in 2019, Kotaku reported that EA Vancouver had canceled their project which focused on an open-world Star Wars game. The report at the time claimed they needed to shift their focus to something that would not take as long to release to the public. In the time since this cancelation, we have seen both Jedi Fallen Order and Squadrons release.

Squadron’s immersed players within the Star Wars universe

This new studio solely focusing on action-adventure open-world titles seems to be a bit of a clue at first glance. With no rush to release another Star Wars game after the two that have recently released, now seems better than ever to develop one.

As well, in January 2021, Ubisoft broke news as they announced they are also working on an open-world Star Wars title. Meaning if this new EA studio were to begin development on one, then the two would be directly competing with one another, which is something we are all for. We mean, who wouldn’t love two open-world Star Wars games?

However, the titles the new studio led by Stephens are all unknown as of now, and it may be years before we see anything from this new development team, but we can be hopeful.

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