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Casey Neistat is Hiring Someone To Head Up New Gaming and Esports Venture

Published: 31/May/2018 19:54 Updated: 16/Oct/2020 15:03

by Calum Patterson


YouTuber and entrepreneur Casey Neistat has announced his new 368 Gaming venture which will run tournament and live streaming events – and is looking for an industry expert to head it for him.

Neistat is not necessarily known for a heavy involvement in gaming and has in the past stated he avoids spending too much time gaming as he quickly becomes hooked.

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But, as an influencer and now businessman who always has his finger on the pulse, it looks like he is taking a deeper dive into the world of gaming.

He recently started his own Twitch channel also, where he has done a number of IRL (In Real Life – non-gaming) streams, realizing the growth of the live streaming platform.


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And with his newest project, named 368, he is taking an even keener interest in gaming, esports and streaming.

Briefly, 368 is Neistat’s newest ‘Vlog’ series, but with a major twist. He has bought a large space in New York with the plan of inviting creators in and with a vision to producing high quality daily content.

In addition to recording studio’s and podcasting booths, Neistat has revealed he wants to introduce a gaming section also, simply named 368 Gaming.

But, he admits that he is not expert on gaming content, tournaments and live streaming, and so wants someone who more capable to run 368 Gaming.


“This position would be the head of 368 Gaming. Someone to lead the gaming initiative at 368.

That means everything from helping us build our own team, to hosting tournaments, to strategy and everything in between – including the physical buildout of what we want to build in there.

A tournament space and a gaming space, and figuring out a streaming strategy – there is a lot to it.”

This could be filled by anyone – I just need a pro. I need someone who understands this stuff way better than I ever could ever understand it – sees things that I don’t see.

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Neistat does lay out a few basic ground rules about the role however, and makes it very clear that no one should show up physically at the premises to apply.

Anyone who shows up physically at the space is immediately disqualified. Do not show up here.

If you are local that’s better, or if you have somewhere to stay in New York City also better – so you got to figure that out on your own.

It is a paid job, and the more successful we are the more we will pay.

All applications for the role should be sent to [email protected], and include a cover letter explaining why you are right person to lead the initiative.

You can watch Casey Neistat’s latest video below, which explains the new role in more detail.