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Blizzard respond to backlash after Warcraft 3: Reforged launch

Published: 4/Feb/2020 17:05

by Kamil Malinowski


Blizzard have released a lengthy forum post addressing several complaints and apologizing for the state of Warcraft 3: Reforged. 

Blizzard’s latest release, Warcraft 3: Reforged, has gotten off to a less than ideal start after a mass of complaints swept the internet with disgruntled fans voicing their displeasure.


The game’s servers are unstable, key features are missing, and many fans feel that Blizzard misrepresented the product, with some even calling for the return of the 2003 version.

warcraft 3 reforged archer
Many fans were excited for the prospect of a Reforged Warcraft 3.

Blizzard address Warcraft 3: Reforged backlash

After a few days of silence, the American company finally replied to fans via a post on the game’s official forums – tackling many of the issues players have highlighted.


“First off, we want to say we’re sorry to those of you who didn’t have the experience you wanted, and we’d like to share our plans for what’s coming next.” They began, before getting into the key issues.

The post covered many subjects in detail, such as promising fixes for the game’s ‘classic’ mode, explaining server issues and even giving a small peek into the Reforged schedule – announcing a bug fixing patch for just a week later and iconic features like the ladder and in-game clans “in the coming weeks.”

warcraft 3 reforged human orc fighting
Warcraft 3: Reforged has not been well received by fans.

Many fans were unsatisfied with the game so far and requested refunds shortly after release. So much so that Blizzard chose to offer players instant refunds, completely skipping their usual refund policy of having to talk to a member of staff. If you’re unsatisfied with the game, here’s how you can get your refund instantly.


How to instantly refund Warcraft 3: Reforged

The refund process for Reforged is very simple. All you need to do is head to, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click contact us, followed by contact customer support.

Players faced many bugs in Warcraft 3: Reforged, causing many to refund the game.

From there you’ll need to click on Warcraft 3: Reforged under Blizzard games, head to the “I would rather categorize the issue” option, click on payments, then request a refund, and finally click continue.

If you owned the classic version, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, you will still be able to play using the same launcher, but will default to the classic settings.


While many fans have requested refunds, the community still seems to be growing as players are reliving the game’s iconic campaign and selection of custom games. ESL have even picked it up on their all-new ‘Pro Tour’ with the first LAN event set to take place in Anaheim at the end of February – perhaps it’s not all doom and gloom for Warcraft 3.


Jeff Kaplan reveals his ideal competitive Overwatch meta

Published: 8/Oct/2020 3:13

by Theo Salaun


Blizzard Entertainment’s Vice President and Overwatch’s beloved Game Director Jeff Kaplan has revealed what he thinks is the ideal competitive meta for the expansive title.

Overwatch exists in many forms, from its highest ranks to its lowest, but the game’s competitive meta at the professional level has also varied greatly since the original release back in May 2016. 


In the olden days, teams prioritized dive compositions led by Winston’s jumps and Tracer’s blinks. Then, in 2019, fans around the world either groaned or cheered as the divisive GOATS meta took center-stage, featuring a hefty squad built entirely with tanks and supports. 

Now, Kaplan is explaining his perspective on the game’s ideal state, following criticisms he levied back in July against the game’s double-shield reliance. Examining the game’s departure from a static, Orisa and Sigma-dependent environment, he dissects his compository ideology. 

Brigitte stuns Junkrat on Volskaya
Blizzard Entertainment
Barriers have held an uncomfortably powerful role in Overwatch for a long time.

As discussed in an interview with the Loadout, Kaplan is both aware of the professional scene’s interests and the casual base’s tendencies. Coupling those factors, he believes the game is at its best when there is some blend of high skill caps and diverse team compositions.

“The most ideal, healthiest state of the game is when the meta is somewhat fluid, when the meta is more map dependent or team match up dependent than it is static. We’ve all seen those moments when the meta has been completely static and all six players will just play the same six heroes every time. I think that’s fun from a mastery standpoint, but I think it’s a lot more exciting for viewers when creativity and curiosity come into play,” he said.

When Kaplan refers to a “static” meta, the simplest example is 2019’s GOATS, where three healers (Brigitte, Lucio, and Moira) were coupled with three tanks (D.Va, Reinhardt, and Zarya) and would barrel into opponents.


It took tremendous teamwork to be pulled off successfully against other professional teams, but many fans considered it more tedious than entertaining after months of gameplay.

In its current state, Overwatch is not completely balanced, but there is a degree of variety to it. That diversity seen in the Overwatch League spans downward into the casual ranks. Kaplan indicates that this is in line with his department’s hopes.

“I think most of our players would say in the ideal meta, all our heroes would be viable in some way competitively. I think as a competitive goal from a game designing and game balancing perspective that is extremely challenging, but it’s obviously what we strive to achieve.”


While he assures that Overwatch would be completely balanced in an ideal world, in the meantime, his team would at least like to push toward a game that varies to some extent based on coaching, player preference, and map.

It remains to be seen if current and upcoming patches can accomplish that, but Kaplan’s emphasis on “fluidity” is a welcome driving force.