Blizzard announce end of support for Heroes of the Storm

Lawrence Scotti
heroes of the storm

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Heroes of the Storm will be entering permanent maintenance mode and won’t be receiving any major updates moving forward. 

Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s crossover MOBA released back in 2015, received its last and final hero release with the launch of Hogger in December 2020.

Since then, the game has received minimal updates and no major changes outside of small balancing alterations.

Now, the game developer has revealed that they are ending major support for the MOBA.

Heroes of the Storm logo
Heroes of the Storm features characters from across the Blizzard universe of franchises.

Blizzard ends major support for Heroes of the Storm

The company published a blog post on July 8, both celebrating the game’s seven-year anniversary while also delivering the bad news.

“Moving forward we will support Heroes in a manner similar to our other longstanding games, StarCraft and StarCraft II,” they said.

They also addressed what kind of support the game was get moving forward, “In the future, we’ll continue seasonal rolls and hero rotations, and while the in-game shop will remain operational there are no plans for new for-purchase content to be added.”

Heroes of the Storm, popularly known as HotS, offered MOBA players a more simplified version of a game in a genre that can be extremely daunting to new players.

The game once had a thriving esports community that ended in most part due to Blizzard canceling the planned 2019 competitive events for HotS. The move coincided with a concerted effort to roll back support for the game, which will now wind down development.

As a token of appreciation to players who still enjoy the game, Blizzard is releasing an “incredibly rare” Epic Arcane Lizard mount in the game’s upcoming patch.

Although the mount is a nice gesture, Heroes of the Storm players are sad to see the game finally get a nail in the coffin.