Atomic Heart devs apologize for “racist” cartoon footage in-game

Controversial cartooon footage seen in Atomic HeartTwitch: Ravs

Atomic Heart has generated some criticism over footage from a vintage cartoon used in the game, displaying what some have labeled a racist caricature.

This is not the first controversy Atomic Heart had to face, as even before release many were wary of the rumored involvement of Russia in the game’s creation. But the devs assured that they are committed to creating an innovative game and that political commentary is not present.

Now the developers are in the spotlight again as some players ran into what they have called a “racist caricature” present in the game via a clip of a vintage soviet cartoon titled “Well, Just You Wait!”

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Here is the footage in question, courtesy of Twitch streamer Ravs who ran into it when playing through the game on stream.

Developers of the game, Mundfish studio, have forwarded an apology to IGN and promised to edit the cartoon out of the game.

Atomic Heart developers apologize for a racist cartoon clip

Kat Bailey, IGN news director, reported via her Twitter the full message that Mundfish issued in response to players raising awareness of this clip:

“The Mundfish team thanks the PC Gamer contributor for bringing this lack of sensitivity to our attention. We apologize if using the vintage cartoon or music has caused hurt or insult. We will edit the parts in question,” reads the statement given to IGN by the Atomic Heart developers.

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The replies to the tweet are polarizing, with some claiming it’s a product or a bygone era that fits the timeline of the game, and others slamming players claiming it shouldn’t get removed.

“From the moment you agree to remove content from the game, you do yourself harm, and you are not wrong to put that content in the game, that was the reality of the 60s and that was the ideology. if you remove this historical content, you are removing historical content,” states one user.

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While another user clearly criticizes people in favor of keeping the clip in the game: “Gen z really said what’s wrong with racism in media huh.”