Top 5 best liveries in Forza Horizon 5 so far

Mystery Machine Forza Horizon 5Xbox Games Studios

Forza Horizon 5 players have been churning out some amazing liveries so far. Here are five of the best we could find, and how you can download them yourself.

After coming out on November 5, Forza Horizon 5 gives players more tools than ever to make custom liveries. These designs can be found when you purchase a certain vehicle, or by searching certain keywords.

There are a ton of liveries already from creative users, but we’ve put together our list of 5 favorites so far. Here are the designs, along with the car model and name of the creator, so you can look them up.

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5. Ecto-1 — Sandman HQ Panel Van 1974

Forza Horizon 5 ghostbustersDr Reapers
Something strange in your neighborhood? You know who to call.

Our first selection is the classic car from Ghostbusters, the Ecto-1. This design from user Dr Reapers perfectly captures the essence of the ride, which looks ready to track down any ghost unfortunate enough to be in Mexico.

The Sandman HQ will cost you 55,000 Credits, but the good news is that liveries don’t cost a thing. So, once you have a certain car, you can apply whichever one you want.

4. Jurassic Park Jeep — CJ5 Renegade 1976

Jurassic Park jeep Forza Horizon 5SolidSnake02
If you’ve always wanted to cruise in an iconic Jurassic Park Jeep, now’s your chance!

Next up is another one you’re sure to recognize: the iconic Jurassic Park Jeep. User SolidSnake02 utilized the 1976 CJ5 Renegade for this design, which will run you 60,000 CR to unlock.

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A small price to pay for the chance to slap this livery on and cruise around the jungle doing your best “being chased by dinosaurs” roleplay.

3. Mystery Machine — Vandura G-1500 1983

Mystery Machine Forza Horizon 5.STrooper501
There are a variety of Mystery Machine vans in game, but the GMC just looks the best.

This GMC van might not satisfy your need for speed, but it sure does look fantastic rolling around with this Mystery Machine design from user STrooper501. It’s not a bad deal either at only 25,000 Credits, a small price to pay to turn heads with this awesome livery.

2. Pokemon — Toyota #1 T100 Baja Truck 1993

Forza Horizon 5 Pokemon TruckGr1mmCr33pers
Who’s that Pokemon? It’s a 1993 Toyota Baja!

For all the Pokemon fans out there, don’t worry, you have plenty of livery options in Forza Horizon 5 already. But, this one from Gr1mmCr33pers is one of our favorites.

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Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and more are all peeking out from this paint job, and you might even spend just as much time trying to find them all as you do driving it around. This is one of the most expensive vehicles on the list, costing 500,000 Credits, if you don’t score it in a Barn Find.

1. Mario Kart — Atom 500 v8 2013

Mario Kart Forza Horizon 5PaulTyre
Red Shells not included.

Finally, our number one choice is none other than a design that brings two great racing games together: the Mario Kart racer from user PaulTyre. The car for this awesome skin will run you 200,000 Credits.

That might seem like a lot, but if you’re a big Mario Kart fan it’s also worth considering PaulTyre also made a Luigi version that looks just as great too.

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There you have it, five of the best Forza Horizon 5 Liveries so far! Be sure to check out our full range of guides as you cruise through Mexico in whichever one you choose.

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