Crazy Forza Horizon 5 launch glitch turns some cars into rockets

Alec Mullins
CAr taking off like a rocket in Forza Horizon 5
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A new bug in Forza Horizon 5 is allowing players to take things off the racetrack and into the stratosphere by launching their cars into the air like a rocket. 

While the main attraction of the Forza Horizon franchise is the unparalleled open-world racing experience, some drivers have been getting a taste of a completely different style of transportation in the game as of late.

A newly discovered bug has players testing the limits of what their cars can handle when soaring like an airplane through the skies of Mexico.

While this kind of flight makes for a shaky landing, the things being achieved in the air are impressive in their own right.

Forza Horizon 5 launch glitch sends cars sky-high

In order to make the glitch work, you’ll need to be using either the 2017 Ford “Brocky” or the Sierra Cars RX3.

When driving off any ramped surface, turn so that only two wheels make contact with the ground and immediately pause the game.

This will cause the car’s suspension to compress, and when the game resumes, that compression will release and send the car high into the air.

Installing advanced tuning to either car will also have a dramatic effect on how far the launch will take you, but that’s not the only thing that helps.

One user noted that leaving the game paused for an extended period of time also increases the distance: “It seems that the longer you pause the further it launches you. At least that’s my conclusion from testing I’ve done.”

Another commenter was disappointed with the state of the game, suggesting that something like this should have been taken care of before release: “Hahaha, can’t believe I pre-ordered this game on reflection, looks hilarious though good find!”

While a problem like this is likely to get patched pretty quickly in FH5, there are other games that have a problem keeping their cars on the ground that could scratch the same itch when this gets removed.