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Fortnite Battle Royale • Feb 26, 2019

Will Tfue switch from Fortnite to Apex Legends?

Will Tfue switch from Fortnite to Apex Legends?
Tfue, YouTube

FaZe's Turner 'Tfue' Tenney might have won the most prize money in competitive Fortnite, but with the rise of Apex Legends seemingly putting a cloud of doubt in his mind about the future of the Epic Games title, will he be tempted to jump ship? 


Tfue used his success playing Battle Royale to elevate his Twitch channel during 2018 and claims to have the most subscribers on the platform so far, as a result. 

However, some of his actions and criticisms since the release of Apex Legends suggest that he's not too happy with the current state of Fortnite. 


Epic Games
Tfue has also complained about Fortnite's Tilted Towers, saying it should be removed by Epic Games.

These frustrated sentiments first appeared when the streamer slapped two big labels on Epic's free-to-play title, calling it "boring" and then "stale" between February 11-12, just under a week after Respawn Entertainment shocked the world by not just revealing but releasing its new battle royale game. 

Since then, Apex Legends has attracted over 25 million players and looks to be providing solid competition to Fortnite - sparking some extraordinary predictions from not just Tfue but also Dr Disrespect.


Both popular internet personalities have predicted that the game will "die" in the next year, with The Doc guaranteeing his viewers that the game's craze will soon finished because people won't want to be associated with the product. 

"It will die in a year because people will be embarrassed to be associated with it," he guaranteed. "The product sucks and no-one really, really, really, really, really thinks it's quality. It's terrible." 


Whether or not their predictions will come to fruition remains to be seen, as Fortnite has teased a number of exciting new changes to the game for Season 8 - which is expected to go live on February 28. 

Despite the FaZe Clan member previously saying Apex Legends is not better than Fortnite, if Tfue does truly believe that it will die in the next year, surely he will want to be associated with another money-making opportunity. That could be Respawn's game. 

Respawn Entertainment
A lot of popular Fortnite streamers have tried Apex Legends, like Ninja, CouRageJD and others.


After all, he's already pulled out of the ESL Katowice Royale tournament and has even discussed the idea of ditching the Fortnite World Cup Finals as well - which will have a $30 million prize pool. 

If he's not happy with the current state of the game, is predicting that it will die in the next year and doesn't plan on competing at upcoming tournaments, there is a chance that his switch to another game could be closer than some might think. 

There is a chance that Tfue is concerned that his Twitch following is made up of mostly Fortnite fans, though, in which case it would make a permanent switch-up of games particularly difficult. 

However, there's nothing stopping him giving it a try. In fact, it's starting to look quite likely indeed. 

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