Who is Ninja from the Super Bowl commercial?

If you’ve seen the NFL100 Super Bowl commercial then you may be wondering why some of the legends of the gridiron are excited to see gaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins rocking up at their party. 

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Ninja may not be an NFL star, but he received a starring role in the commercial alongside some of the biggest names in the game.

So, the question may be on some people’s lips – who is Ninja from the Super Bowl commercial? Well, if it’s answers you seek then it’s answers we will provide. Here is everything you need to know about “video game master”, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

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NinjaAll this – from playing video games?

What does Ninja do?

Ninja is a streamer – meaning he streams video games on the internet and people tune in to watch. Some viewers will turn his stream on to watch his ridiculous gaming ability while others will tune in to be entertained by his personality and antics.

How did he become famous?

Before streaming, Ninja was a professional player in Halo – playing for a number of teams but making his name on the Luminosity Gaming roster. While he wasn’t a legendary player in the game, he was still a star. However, after a few years of competing, he moved away from professional gaming. 

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    After being pestered by fans in late 2017, he switched to Fortnite and since then, he has grown exponentially. Ninja regularly attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers to his almost-daily broadcast where he will do anything from play games, to sing and even dance after he picks up a win.

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    Where can he be found?

    You can find Blevins streaming on twitch.tv/ninja almost daily. Although, his schedule has changed recently as he gets to the chance to do more and more promotional and entertainment content outside of his stream.

    Ninja also regularly uploads highlights from stream to his incredibly fast-growing YouTube channel. So, if you miss out on any of the live action, you can catch some of the best action on his YouTube.

    He can also be found on Twitter under @Ninja, where he will regularly tease things he’s got coming up and announce when is going live on Twitch. Ninja is approaching four million followers on the social media platform so why not help him out?

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    Does he do anything outside of streaming?

    Well, yes. While streaming and gaming is his main thing, Blevins has ventured into a number of other fields.

    At the end of 2018, he signed a music deal with the Astralwerks label and released his first album ‘Ninjawerks: Vol. 1’ alongside some of the top EDM artists in the world.

    Ninja is just the first in a line of gaming entertainment stars who are set to hit the mainstream thanks to their incredibly large followings and extremely entertaining personalities.