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Where to find Shanty Town and The Orchard for Fortnite Location Domination challenges

Published: 14/May/2020 12:18

by Joe Craven


With Fortnite’s new bunch of Location Domination Challenges being live, many players will need to find Shanty Town and The Orchard in order to complete them. 

The second set of Fortnite’s Location Domination Challenges are set to go live on May 14, seeing an incredible 900,000 Xp up for grabs if all are completed within the given time frame.

Similar to the first set, the challenges are tiered in terms of the XP rewards they offer, and require players to travel all around the map. While some of the required locations – The Shark, Frenzy Farm – are easy to find and well known to players, a couple are slightly more obscure.


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Shanty Town and The Orchard – Fortnite Locations

One challenge players have to complete is to ‘Apply 100/250/500 Shields or Healing at Shanty Town or The Orchard’. The challenge itself is simple enough, but both Shanty Town and The Orchard are lesser-known POIs on the Chapter 2 map.

The Orchard has featured in Season 2 challenges before-hand and is located just north of Frenzy Farm, and south-east of Craggy Cliffs. Shanty Town is on the very south-west corner of the map, west of the Slurpy Swamp POI. Both are marked with red crosses on the map below.

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It really is that simple to get your XP. Applying 100 shields or healing will grant players 10,000 XP, 250 will give them 25,000 XP and 500 will grant an incredible 55,000 XP. It might take a few games to reach the higher challenges but, if you’re looking to rank up your battle pass, it will certainly be worth it.


We’ve already provided a full guide to the second set of Location Domination challenges, and will do so for any further Fortnite challenges, so stay tuned to Dexerto.