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Where to find new secret chest in Fortnite Season 2

Published: 26/Feb/2020 7:06 Updated: 26/Feb/2020 6:53

by Brad Norton


A brand new secret chest has been unearthed in Fortnite’s Season 2 update, providing players with a new opportunity to grab weapons and items in an unpopulated location, and here’s exactly how you can find it.

Fortnite’s massive Season 2 update introduced a heaping serve of fresh content. From new cosmetics to new areas on the map, there’s plenty for dedicated players to sink their teeth into.

However, secret chests have been popping up since the February 20 update and popular Fortnite content creator Harley ‘MrFreshAsian’ Campbell has uncovered a particularly well-hidden chest.

Epic Games
Hidden chests have been found under the map in Season 2.

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Venturing to the Eastern side of the map, Fresh discovered the secret chest just past Retail Row and below The Grotto. 


If you fail to drop in directly overhead of the chest, you’ll have to navigate your way down a fairly steep cliff. So be sure to have building materials at the ready if you’re approaching the chest in the late-game.

“It’s a sneaky chest alright, it’s a sneaky damn chest,” he joked while searching for it in the Feb 25 video. After finally landing on the coast, players have to look down at the ground until they spot a chest buried underneath scattered debris.

Epic Games
A look at exactly where you’ll be able to find the hidden chest on the map.

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Upon opening the chest for the first time, almost all of the loot remained glitched underground for Fresh. “Sometimes it bugs out and a weapon disappears,” he explained while coming to terms with the loss of a Rare Tactical Shotgun.


In order to avoid the issue, you have to spam the pick-up button as fast as possible so that the items don’t fall underground and get lost in the void for the rest of your match. 

The secret discovery won’t provide anything different from the loot that appears in regular chests, but it does offer a new path to take in the early-game so that you can avoid hotspots and have some safety while you snag your first weapon.

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Fresh was able to pick up a Burst Assault Rifle for his troubles the second time around, actually grabbing it before it fell through the map again.


As the whereabouts of this secret location becomes common knowledge, expect players to be looking at the ground much more frequently in search of more hidden secrets.