Where to collect fuel cells and return the backpack in Fortnite

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One of the latest Fortnite Resistance Quests requires you to equip a backpack and collect fuel cells near Command Cavern – and we’ve got the locations you need to find them.

There’s less than a week to go before Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 comes to a close with the Collision live event, so it’s more important than ever to stock up on that last-minute XP and level up your Battle Pass.

Fortunately, there’s one final set of Resistance Quests to help you do just that. One of this week’s tasks requires you to equip a backpack and collect fuel cells near Command Cavern, then return it at least half full.

Finding these fuel cells is a little tricky, though, as the game doesn’t tell you where they are. Fortunately, we’ve got the fuel cell location you need to help you finish this challenge in no time at all.

A Charge Park to collect fuel cells in Fortnite
Epic Games
You need to equip the Charge Pack backpack to complete this quest.

Where to collect fuel cells for your backpack in Fortnite

The quickest way to complete this challenge is to head to Seven Outpost V, just west of Command Cavern, and collect the backpack from behind the main building (the one that has a Vault inside it).

Once you’ve done that, head towards the bridge just northwest of your current location that goes across the river. On the northern side of this bridge, there’s a small IO building with computer equipment inside of it.

A building containing a fuel cell in Fortnite
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There’s a fuel cell inside this small building on the bridge.

You’ll also find a fuel cell inside this building, so walk into it to collect it. While your backpack won’t be full at this point, it should be enough to get you back to Seven Outpost V if you head directly there.

Don’t return to the main building, though – search for an item that looks like a briefcase on the floor along the path to Seven Outpost V. It should be next to some barrels and fences. This is your drop-off point.

Approach it, interact with it, and you’re done! While the fuel cells you collect deplete as you move, with this method, you’re only a small distance from the drop-off point so you should have enough time.

The backpack in Fortnite
Epic Games
This is where you need to drop off your Charge Pack backpack.

If you can’t make it back to Seven Outpost V with just that one fuel cell for whatever reason (it worked for us, but it may not work for you), then you might end up having to search Command Cavern for more.

There are loads of fuel cells hidden in and around Command Cavern, so keep an eye on your minimap for diamonds with exclamation marks inside them, as these will point you in the right direction.

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