Week 9 Elimination Stats for Friday Fortnite Tournament Show Impressive Tally for Winners

Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem’s weekly ‘Friday Fortnite’ tournament series has become a sensation within the gaming industry over the course of nine weeks.

With $20,000 on the line in prize money each week, some of the most influential names in the online gaming community try their luck every Friday for a portion of the winnings.

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After the ninth installation of the tournament, ‘Tfue’ and ‘Cloak’ of FaZe Clan once again walked away with a victory and $10,000 after taking down ‘Myth’ and ‘Hamlinz’ in the Grand Final by a score of 2-0.

The FaZe showed how in-sync they are together by putting up identical numbers in kills-per-half, kills-per-series, and total kills, as shown by statistics generated by UMG commentator Landon ‘Land0’ Sanders.

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Tfue and Cloak were only rivaled by ‘HighDistortion’ in terms of their dominance in certain categories, however, all other players paled in comparison to their impressive numbers.

Due to their being no concrete ruleset when it comes to competitive Fortnite, tournaments are often decided by the number of kills put up by teams opposed to other squads, and will likely be the format until an official format is created by Epic Games.

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Tfue and Cloak have been nothing but dominant when it comes to Friday Fortnite by securing a total of four championships in the span of nine total tournaments, and are the only team to win more than once.

More information on week nine of KEEMSTAR’s Friday Fortnite Tournament can be found right here.

Source: Land0