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Two new revamped assault rifles leaked for Fortnite Chapter 2

Published: 20/Nov/2019 15:01

by Calum Patterson


Following the v11.20 update for Fortnite, data miners believe they have uncovered the return of two previous weapons, but with fresh designs, on their way to Battle Royale.

Admittedly, Chapter 2 of Fortnite has been a bit light on new additions. Especially so by Epic Games’ own high standards of outputting new content on a bi-weekly basis.

So far, the first season of the second chapter has been relatively sparse. This has even caused some concern among the game’s biggest streaming and YouTube personalities, including Ninja.

With the v11.20 update, though, it looks like Epic are stepping their game up again, not only teasing an upcoming holiday event, but potentially adding two new weapons to the arsenal.

Epic GamesFortnite’s first season in Chapter has already been extended.

Initially leaked by data miners following the update, the weapons haven’t yet been added to the full game.

Save the World is known for getting some of the more extravagant weapons, but these new assault rifles would fit right into battle royale.

Both the Scoped AR and Heavy AR were previously in Fortnite, but their designs have been given a refresh. Images courtesy of HYPEX.

In addition to the images of the rifles, the leaker also uncovered the sound files. You can hear how the weapon will fire and reload.

For now, we only have the sound files for the Heavy Assault Rifle – including sounds of it firing and reloading.

When are the new guns coming to Fortnite?

Unfortunately, although they’ve been added to the game files, there’s no indication of when they’ll be added to the game.

Presumably, they will be usable in-game in time for whatever Epic Games has planned for the Winter/Holiday event. But we don’t yet have an official start date for that either.

With Chapter 2, Season 1 now extended to ‘early February’, there’s a long window for these items to be added.


What’s in the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass? All tiers, leaks, & rewards

Published: 2/Dec/2020 5:49 Updated: 2/Dec/2020 5:50

by Brad Norton


Fortnite Season 5 is finally upon us, meaning there’s a fresh Battle Pass to progress through. From exclusive skins to weapon wraps, emotes, and everything in between, here’s a rundown on what’s up for grabs.

Hot off the heels of a Marvel-centric season, we’re now jumping into something entirely new with Season 5. After a record-breaking in-game battle with Galactus, there’s a lot to digest with the new state of Fortnite.

Star Wars is front and center this time around as The Mandalorian headlines the Battle Pass. Not only that, bug figures from all sorts of unique backgrounds have joined the mix.

From what you can unlock to how much it’ll run you, and plenty more, here’s our full overview of Fortnite’s Season 5 Battle Pass.

How much is the Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass?

Fortnite Season 5 gameplay
Epic Games
Drop into Season 5 with Mando thanks to the new Battle Pass.

No different from previous seasons, the Battle Pass has remained the same this time around. That means you’ve got two choices on how to progress through it. First of all, you can simply play the game for free and earn experience over the next few months. If this is the play for you, keep an eye out for guides on weekly challenges to boost your gains.

As another option, if you want to blitz right through the new Battle Pass, you can buy your way there instead. The base price will run you 950 V-Bucks, the equivalent of $10. However, you can also buy the first 25 tiers right out of the gate with a special 2,800 V-Buck bundle, roughly the equivalent of $25.

What’s included in the Season 5 Battle Pass?

Having leaked well ahead of time, we got an early idea of what’s on offer this time around. Front and center in the promotional material for this season is none other than Din Djarin and ‘The Child’ from The Mandalorian.

No different from how Aquaman headlined Season 3 and Marvel heroes and villains took over Season 4,  these Star Wars icons can be unlocked right at the beginning of the Season 5 Battle Pass.

You’ll be able to travel the map as the bounty hunter himself, while The Child accompanies close behind. Moreover, we already have an early look at six additional skins set to feature in the Battle Pass.

These are all completely unique designs. Some are simpler in their appearance, giving figures suits of armor. While others are completely wild, with powerful looking weapons and even anime-style visuals, a first for Fortnite.

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass tiers

There’s currently no telling what rewards will be featured in each and every tier. However, each of the new characters appear to have their own sets that fill out the Battle Pass. For instance, Mando has his own skin but also has a few other themed goodies to claim as well. All of the other characters follow suit.

As expected, Mando is the very first unlock in the Season 5 Battle Pass. With subsequent tiers providing Star Wars-themed extras including icons, loading screens, and more.

The Season 5 downtime is almost complete. We’ll be sure to update you with a look at every single Battle Pass reward as soon as we’re able to.