TSM’s Myth Wants Some Changes Made to the Shooting Mechanics in Fortnite

The shooting mechanics in Fortnite: Battle Royale have been a major topic of discussion since the game was originally released in September of 2017.

Whether among casual players or top Fortnite professionals, many have chimed in with their two cents of how the overall shooting system could be improved.

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Fortnite infamously uses what is often called a “bloom” system when it comes to weapon firing in-game.

This system includes a radius around the direction in which the weapon is being shot where there’s a random chance for the bullets to misfire and not connect with the aimed at target, even if the player’s aim itself has not been changed.

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Many have complained about this system since it involves Random Number Generation (RNG) heavily influencing the outcome of gunfights.

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The captain of TeamSolomid’s pro Fortnite team, Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, had some things to say about the current shooting system in Fortnite.

According to him, Epic Games would do well by implementing several changes the weapon aiming and firing mechanisms, and he demonstrated it using the recently added Drum Gun.

“So aimed in, you have set for First Shot Accuracy, then you have set bloom size for being just aimed in. And no matter how fast you’re moving, no matter how fast you’re shooting, it will stay at that bloom size. Then you have your hip-fire one, and no matter how fast you’re running, whether you’re jumping or not, it will always stay at that size. Like this one, right now when you shoot, the faster you shoot, the more inaccuracy you get. But instead of doing inaccuracy, why not just cap the amount of inaccuracy can have with a type of weapon, or just let them know this is what they’re going to get into, so it puts hard caps on engagement distances basically.”

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While Epic have surely heard what many have had to say about the matter over the recent weeks and months, but ever since introducing First Shot Accuracy, they have been careful not to make any drastic changes or overhauls that could throw off the current balance of Fortnite.

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They briefly introduced test server limited time modes in which they experimented with recoil based mechanics instead of bloom, but those have not been seen again in months.