TSM’s Daequan Makes Another Case For Shotguns to be Buffed in Fortnite

Team SoloMid professional Fortnite player ‘Daequan’ has yet again expressed his frustrations with the current state of shotguns in Fortnite.

An outspoken critic of how much shotguns have been nerfed, Daequan contends that the weapons will not become viable again until they are strengthened.

The pro player took to social media on August 1 to propose how Epic Games can improve shotguns, specifically the Pump, to make them practical options once again.

Pumps need to one tap or not have that long pull time. The only reason the long pull was justified was because it one tapped or you could double shotty & now you can’t do either. Pump is doodoo and tac shotguns are literally worthless cause everyone & their grandma has an op Smg.

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Regardless of whether you prefer using shotguns or not, Daequan’s argument does make sense. 

With Epic having neutralized the ‘double shotgun’ meta by adding a delay when switching between shotguns, coupled with the unreliability of the damage dealt and long pull-out time of the Pump, the weapon class has become essentially useless. 

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This is especially true considering the current popular meta of using high fire-rate weapons, such as the SMGs or Drum Gun, which have proven to be extremely powerful, even after the latest set of balancing adjustments pushed out by Epic.

With the chances being slim to none that the Season 5 changes to shotguns will be reversed, the only hope for players like Daequan is that Pump’s damage and/or pull-out time gets improved dramatically.