TSM Myth and Co. moving into new teamhouse for Fortnite World Cup

Team SoloMid are taking another significant step towards becoming one of the top competitive teams in Fortnite, as they plan to relocate the entire roster for better practice.

The popular organization have made massive improvements on the competitive scene after a slow start to life in tournaments. To continue their rise, TSM president Leena Xu confirmed on Twitter that their professional team would be moving into a house together on the East Coast.

With the majority of the top Fortnite professionals currently residing in the region, TSM players will be able to get the best possible practice ahead of the $30m Fortnite World Cup tournament.

Despite having some of the most popular streamers under their belt, the likes of Daequan Loco and Darryle ‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin were disinterested in the way the game played out amongst top pros.

As a result, TSM completely revamped their pro team, signing one of the top duos in the game in Zexrow and Vinny1x, as well as upcoming players such as Cloud and Kaysid to join Myth on the competitive roster.

INSTAGRAM - TSMTSM Zexrow finished third at ESL Katowice Royale alongside his recently signed duo partner Vinny

The tweet suggests that all five members will be moving into the house which is not yet confirmed to be a permanent move for the likes of Myth who currently lives in California.

With TSM recently dropping Cowboy due to out of game controversy, there appears to be a gap that needs filling to create three duo teams in the pro house meaning another signing could be imminent.

EPIC GAMES$30m will be on offer at the upcoming Fortnite World Cup solo and duo event

Nevertheless, bringing all of their pro players together should provide a boost to their chances of splitting the largest prize pool in the history of esports.

The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers kicks off on April 13 and will run until June 13 with the grand finals taking place in New York. 

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