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Thor’s hammer crash lands in second Fortnite Season 4 teaser

Published: 24/Aug/2020 15:07

by Matt Porter


Fortnite developers Epic Games have literally dropped the second in-game teaser for Chapter 2, Season 4, with Thor’s legendary hammer Mjölnir crash-landing into the island, planting itself firmly in the ground and leaving a giant crater in the ground. 

There’s never more hype around Epic Games’ ultra-popular battle royale than a new season, which are often the game’s biggest updates and shift the meta. In the game itself, it could take us to places we could have never imagined.

After weeks of rumors, leaked images, and in-game teasers hinting at the possibility of Marvel’s superheroes making their presence felt on the Fortnite island, it has since been confirmed.


On August 21, the first teaser dropped with the legendary ‘God of Thunder’ Thor front and center.

Fortnite Season 4 teaser
Epic Games / Marvel
Marvel are set to be the overarching theme of Chapter 4.

Action really kicked off in-game on August 22 when a rift opened up above the island, while the game’s official account tweeted a cryptic message that read: “The Herald has found The Island,” accompanied by an image of Thor.

What this means is unclear, but many are already theorizing that the Rift is how the superheroes will enter the world of Fortnite. The comic book that in the lobby also features Thor now, hinting that he may be the main character in the new season.


Epic dropped the latest teaser on Monday, August 24, with Thor’s iconic hammer falling out of the sky and leaving a massive crater in the earth, while a countdown to Season 4 appeared in the sky above it.

The situation is extremely reminiscent of the end of Iron Man 2 and the plot of the first Thor movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and players will be hoping that they eventually get to wield the mighty weapon like the God of Thunder does, smiting down enemies with lightning on their path to wins.

The crater left by Thor's hammer.
Epic Games
Thor’s hammer left a massive crater near Salty Springs.

We all know that Epic loves to tease players with what is coming next, so it’s no surprise that they have kicked things off for Fortnite Season 4, which starts on Thursday, August 27.


Whether we will see classic Marvel locations appear on the map, remains to be seen, but leaks suggest that the Season 4 Battle Pass will have a number of earth’s mightiest heroes, meaning you can hunt for a Victory Royale like you’re part of The Avengers.