Insane Hand Cannon play shows why FaZe’s Avxry is unstoppable in Fortnite

FaZe Clan content creator Avery ‘Avxry’ Lopriore is one of the better Fortnite players in the community, and an insane play he made in a recent game shows just how good he really is.

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Engaged in an intense and sweaty gunfight with an enemy player in Paradise Palms, Avxry realized that another player was preparing to swoop in and take advantage of the commotion. 

The opponent that he was fighting decided to use the distraction and escaped the gunfight using the Glider Re-Deploy, as he flew away from the scene of battle.

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Avxry was not fazed by the sudden switch (no pun intended), and quickly focused up on the third party player, eventually eliminating him after a tough build battle.

Not forgetting about his initial opponent, he then quickly swerved around and used his Legendary Hand Cannon to nail a single deadly shot at the escaping player, who was already 58 meters away. 

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The entire sequence, and how Avxry managed to play it out, was actually quite impressive, considering how many factors were working against him.

Not only was he able to handle the third party player with relative ease, but he was also able to be quick enough to not let the initial player get away and had the strong sense to quickly turn around and relocate his target. 

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However, he still had to be accurate enough to hit the shot with his Hand Cannon, otherwise, the player will likely have gotten behind a structure, healed up, and either escaped or re-engaged.

To be a top-tier Fortnite player, one must have strong ability in several facets of the game, not just one. Avxry demonstrated his strength in building, accuracy, focus, and positioning as he wiped out both players without taking any damage himself.