Third Fortnite Season 10 teaser reveals new skins and hints at time travel

David Purcell
Graphics: Epic Games

Epic Games have revealed their third teaser for Fortnite Season 10 and it’s fair to say that there could be a big twist coming up soon for players. 

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The game developers had previously posted two other images with hints about what’s to come in the next season, with fans expecting some big changes to the map. 

Teasers have already hinted at the return of Dusty Depot, one of the game’s original points of interest that’s since been renamed and repackaged as Dusty Divot in-game, but also gave fans some food for thought where The Visitor character is concerned too. So, let’s take a look at the brand new image. 

Epic GamesDusty Depot is seemingly set for a return in Fortnite Season 10.
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Seasoned veterans of Fortnite will know that there are usually four teasers on the way, all dropping hints for the new season, and Epic Games posted their third image on July 30 to their official Twitter account. 

As seen below, the new teaser is very different to its predecessors. In fact, we’d be tempted to say that fans have just been given a sneak peek at some brand new skins that could soon hit the Fortnite Item Shop. Check it out. 

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The tweet that came along with the teaser also hinted at a potential change in the game, as it stated: “Twist Time.” This could be the biggest hint yet that time travel could be coming soon. 

It’s still unknown as to what Epic Games have in store for Fortnite Battle Royale players as we approach its landmark 10th season, but people have started to develop their own theories in the absence of confirmed information. 

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Many fans have speculated that we could see a return to the battle royale game’s original map – which featured areas such as Tomato Town, Dusty Depot, Moisty Mire, among many other popular landing spots from the past. 

We’ll have to wait and see what they rustle up for fans once the new season launches on Thursday, August 1.