Tfue pulls off xQc's famous foot-smash rage after annoying Fortnite death - Dexerto

Tfue pulls off xQc’s famous foot-smash rage after annoying Fortnite death

Published: 28/Nov/2019 2:19

by Albert Petrosyan


Fortnite superstar Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney pulled a move out of fellow popular streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s book when raging following a frustrating death.

As fun as Fortnite may be for a lot of people, it’s definitely not lacking when it comes to rage-inducing moments.

No matter if you’re one of the best players in the world or someone who plays casually, you’re bound to catch yourself boiling in anger at the game from time to time.

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This even happens to some of the biggest Fortnite streamers, like Tfue, who can sometimes be so filled with rage at something in the game that they forget thousands of people are watching them live.


In a recent stream, Tfue found himself on the wrong end of a gunfight in Fortnite, and the anger that followed says all you need to know about what he thought of the situation.

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“What the f*ck man?!” the star streamer yelled. “Why are there two f*cking guys waiting for me outside the storm bro?”

However, what caught the viewers’ attention was not what he said but rather what he did. Midway through the yelling, he leaned back in his chair, lifted his legs in the air and slammed them on his table.

It didn’t take long for viewers to recognize the move as xQc’s infamous foot-smash that the Overwatch star had done a few months earlier while also raging at Fortnite.


While the origins of the move may not be known, it was certainly popularized by xQc, who’s done it a number of times during his countless spells of rage on his own stream.

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While it’s unclear whether or not Tfue knew he was copying xQc’s rage technique, but it’s more likely that he did, considering how similar it was and the fact that it happened while playing the same game.

There’s no doubting xQc’s status as one of the more entertaining streamers to watch get angry at video games, so this is probably not the last we’ve seen of his infamous foot-smash move.