Tfue explains major change Fortnite needs to make to Chests

Instagram: tfue / Epic Games

Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has explained the one major change Epic Games need to make to chests in the battle royale title after an unfortunate elimination.

Tfue isn’t one to ever hold back on his opinion, and will often let Epic and his viewers know exactly what he thinks needs changing in the game to make it, in his eyes, the best it can be.

During his March 12 stream, Tfue explained what needs to be changed about loot chests in the game, saying that he’s been asking for changes for over two years now.

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Instagram: tfue
Tfue has clearly taken issue with some aspects of Fortnite Season 2.

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After landing at The Shark, a new location that has been introduced in Chapter 2, Season 2, Tfue went to grab the chest sitting on the edge of the cliff – but struggled as he landed with his builds out, therefore unable to open the chest.

Another player landing next to him managed to get the chest open and the Pump Shotgun inside – while Tfue managed to retrieve everything else from the chest. Despite his best efforts to pickaxe his opponent, he was knocked out and sent back to the lobby before explaining what needs to change.

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“I’ve said this a thousand times before,” he began. “If you loot a chest, the first person to open it should get what’s inside it. Nobody else can get sh*t. You’re the first one down, you get the chest, you get the guns. Why was that not in the game day one?”

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Anybody who has played Fortnite can understand his frustration with the current chest looting system, and will likely have fallen victim to it at one point or another.

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Whether this is something Epic are looking at – or will ever consider making changes to chests as they are now – is not clear. This would be a pretty major change that could alter the start of the game quite drastically, especially as players will no longer be able to try their luck and contest chests if they’re a couple of seconds behind.

However, they’ve been known to listen to their audience and take ideas on board, so it’s not an impossibility.

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