Tfue enraged after he's destroyed by "literal aimbot" hacker in Fortnite - Dexerto

Tfue enraged after he’s destroyed by “literal aimbot” hacker in Fortnite

Published: 25/Feb/2020 12:23

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was left stunned after an apparent hacker managed to ruin his game despite not even appearing on the screen. 

Unless they take precautions in blocking their screen, popular streamers and players usually have to deal with stream snipers trying to grab their moment of fame by appearing on the stream. 

Some of these stream snipers can lead to pretty funny interactions, giving the streamer and their fans a hilarious highlight to look back upon, but sometimes, they’ll run into cheaters who do the opposite and make things a complete nightmare.

Twitter: FaZe Clan
Tfue has been one of Fortnite’s most successful players but even he struggles against cheaters.

That happened to Tfue during his February 24 stream, as he attempted to play a few solo Fortnite matches. During one game, he had been making his way towards the circle in a boat when he came under fire and lost all of his shield and 90 health. 


“Oh my f**king god, literal f**king aimbot. What the actual f**k?” Tenney called out as he quickly built a structure so he could protect himself and heal back up. 

However, he quickly came under pressure as the apparent cheater pushed right up on his building and started trying to outplay Tfue as the professional attempted to take the high ground and build space between them. 

His attempts to create space didn’t work as planned, though. The player in question got inside Tfue’s box and eliminated him from the game. 

“How is that even f**king remotely ok. Like, that was straight-up f**king aimbot dude,” the streamer called out before exiting back to the lobby and getting ready for another game. 


Of course, cheating in Fortnite has been a problem for some time and while Epic Games have attempted to stamp it out, it is difficult to catch everybody – especially if their username doesn’t show up and you don’t report them. 

Whether or not the battle royale developers have to address a new issue that might have snuck under their anti-cheat detection remains to be seen though.