Team Envy Announce Signing of Professional Fortnite Battle Royale Roster

Calum Patterson

Storied North American esports organization Team Envy has announced the signing of four competitive Fortnite players, their first professional roster.

Team Envy had already shown interest in the Fortnite community with their recruitment of popular streamer KingRichard, but it appears he will not have a direct role on the competitive team.

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Instead, Envy have recruited four relatively unknown players, and is in fact a majority Canadian roster, with only one US player and three Canadians on the lineup.

The four players come from varied gaming backgrounds, including Counter-Strike, Call of Duty and even Clash Royale and Brawl Stars.

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Team Envy is very excited to announce our new competitive Fortnite roster! The team consists of four players from various gaming backgrounds who have been together for several months. Get familiar with your new Team Envy representatives!  

Nicholas “Scatch” Scatch

Hailing from Chicago Illinois, Scatch got his start as a skilled Counter Strike 1.6 player, and competed in numerous LANs. He has played CSGO ESEA-Main and will serve as Envy’s team captain.

David “LeNain” Bois

LeNain lives in Quebec, Canada, and is a former professional in Clash Royale and Brawl Stars having reached rank #1 on the leaderboards. He has also competed in H1Z1 on a competitive level.

Bradley “Shotang” Leo

From Ontario, Canada, Shotang is rank #18th in Canada for PC solo wins in Fortnite. He competed most recently in Fortnite’s Solo Showdown event.

Nicolas “TAPLY” Chiodoni

TAPLY is from Quebec, Canada and has extensive experience in competitive Call of Duty.

“We’ve been working so hard for this, and the [Fortnite] esports community will see that in our matches. We will be on top of every tournament. No excuses. We’re excited to be representing Team Envy as our grind continues,” said Scatch.

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The move was announced in the same week as other top esports organizations made the move into Fortnite, including Ninjas in Pyjamas and Luminosity.

It is further evidence that the massive prize pools promised by Epic Games is enough to spark interest from professional teams, considering the format for Fortntie esports is far from proven just yet.

Epic has already announced that the Fortnite World Cup will not have any squads competitions, rather will be solo and duos only, so we imagine this Envy roster will be put in pairs, as other teams have been.

Source: Team Envy