SypherPK reveals every major change Fortnite needs for Season 3

. 2 years ago
Epic Games/Twitch: SypherPK

Fortnite streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has outlined every major change he thinks Epic Games needs to make to the game in Season 3, as many Fortnite fans complain that the game is growing stale. 

With a growing number of Fortnite pros and content creators stepping away from Epic Games’ building battle royale, the pressure is mounting to implement a number of meaningful changes in the upcoming Season 3.

Despite not yet leaving the game behind, Sypher has not been afraid to criticize the title for things he thinks could be improved. He has previously focused on SBMM and the issues it creates, and on April 18, he revealed an exhaustive list of things he wants to see altered.

Epic Games
Some people argue Chapter 2 signifies the end for Fortnite.

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“First topic is gonna be performance,” he said. “We know that performance has been kinda weird lately. Increases in ping, FPS problems, lag, and people phasing through builds. My hope is that Fortnite has a lot of plans to improve performance.”

He also called for a re-work to Arena mode, to incentivize players to grind Arena when there are not  FNCS tournaments ongoing. This, Sypher argues, would make public matches far “less sweaty”.

“The big thing, for me right now,” he continued, “is the pacing of the game.” He called on Epic to alter the game’s current build to allow people to stay alive for longer. Other creators, namely Ninja, have also highlighted the number of early-game deaths as an issue, arguing it leads to stale mid-game scenarios as players struggle to find enemies.

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Hassan argued that “more mobility” would aid these efforts, referring to numerous vehicles (e.g. Quadcrashers and Hoverboards) that Epic have in the vault that they could reintroduce. He also claimed that rifts or slip-streams would be useful to increase rotation mobility.

Similarly, Sypher wants to see more healing consumables. Like vehicles, there are an abundance of healing items in the vault that Epic have removed. The 23-year-old name checked Slurp Juices, Chug-Splashes and Chug-Jugs as items that could return.

A full list of changes Sypher called for is detailed below:

  • Improve performance – lag, FPS stability, and reductions in ping
  • Re-work to Arena Mode
  • Increase mobility – vehicles, rifts and slip-streams
  • More healing items
  • Reintroduce traps with reduced damage (125 0r 100)
  • Bring back the Infantry Rifle
  • Remove C4 from competitive matches
  • Bring back old POIs (e.g. Tilted Towers)
  • Reintroduce “fun” consumables (Impulse/Shockwave Grenades & Boogie Bombs)

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“The thing about Fortnite that makes it so great,” he finished, “is that they don’t even have to bring in new stuff – there are so many things that used to exist in the game that they could bring back that would make the game fun again… Other games don’t really have that advantage.”

While a number of Sypher’s proposed changes relate to bringing back staples of older Fortnite, it would still be a pretty significant overhaul of the current game to see all of his changes implemented. Over to you, Epic.

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