SypherPK believes the next Fortnite Marvel superhero has already leaked

SypherPK via the Game Dial / Epic Games

Popular Twitch streamer Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has connected dots between Fortnite leaks and clues in Marvel’s catalog of superheroes for the next character that could be coming to Season 4.

As it stands, Epic Games and Marvel have linked up to bring benchmark heroes like Wolverine, Storm, Thor and more into Fortnite’s battle royale. The Nexus War has enlisted the help of many iconic characters, but there could be a lesser known persona in the pipeline in the fight  against Galactus.

Sypher is an avid Fortnite player who follows all of the latest leaks for potential additions to the island, and this time, he discovered a description that could possibly hint to Crystalia Amaquelin Maximoff – or just ‘Crystal.’

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At least, that’s his best guess, based on a leak from prominent dataminer ‘HYPEX’ that details an “upcoming Fireball ability from a character that their name starts with C.”

The information gives a detailed description of damage breakdowns for a mythic fire ability that will have a two second cooldown doing large and small damage to players and structures of 150/75 and 100/50, respectively.

Like Sypher suggested, Crystal is a long-shot and not really well-known. The Marvel Cinematic Universe stars many superheroes that didn’t used to be very popular, but that turned around throughout the course of the films.

While Crystal isn’t a household for many fans, Fortnite players could get a closer look at her sometime in the future. Of course, other theorists researched and came up with other possible candidates like X-Men member ‘Cannonball,’ Captain Marvel, and more.

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Marvel’s collaboration with Epic Games has been a huge hit with Fortnite faithfuls as well as casual players. From the various skins and items to collect, there’s been a ton of content for Marvel fans to indulge in.

If the Epic Games studios were looking to keep the hype train going, then it would only make sense to keep the new hero supply healthy within the game.

Whether its Crystal or some other hero, Fortnite players will be keeping their eyes peeled for any clues that could signal a new Marvel hero in Season 4.