SypherPK wants World Cup player banned for “unsportsmanlike conduct”

Daniel Cleary. Last updated: Jun 03, 2019
Epic Games / SypherPK Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer, Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan, reported an enemy player in his Fortnite World Cup qualifying game for “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

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There have already been numerous players called into question over the duration of the qualifying weeks, with bans being issued for players caught ‘teaming’ with others.

The Luminosity Gaming star, SypherPK, had his own experience with an opponent looking to unfairly put other players at a disadvantage while he was live streaming on Twitch, attempting to qualify for the New York event.

Epic Games
Final results for Week 8 of the NA-West Qualifiers saw SypherPK come in 4th place overall.
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Sypher shared a clip of him replaying the battle between him and the enemy, in which the player built himself in a 1×1 box and then blew himself up using dynamite, purely to deny SypherPK the elimination points.

“This is against the rules because you are expected to play to the best of your abilities, doing this is not allowed.”

He then specified that the rules only applied to the Fortnite Battle Royale qualifiers and that doing this in a regular game does not constitute a ban, saying, “this is against the terms of service of the world cup… this is specific rules for the world cup that does not allow this type of game play.”

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Sypher followed up by explaining that, although this conduct had no effect on their placing in the grand scheme of things, it was worth making an example of it, as to prevent any further situations like this: “We were not rewarded a point for that, not that it would have made a difference, we didn’t qualify or anything.”

SypherPK and his duo, WBG Ranger, ended up finishing their week 8 finals run in 4th place, missing out on the lone qualification spot for the NA-West region, which was won by the Ghost Gaming duo of Sean and Aydan.

The remaining unqualified players will have only 2 more weeks to secure their spot in the Finals, which takes place on July 26 in New York and will give those a chance to compete for their share of the massive $30 million prize pool.