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Surprise Fortnite update fixes aim assist and editing bugs: Patch notes

Published: 25/Feb/2020 13:53

by Calum Patterson


A surprise Fortnite update has been released on February 25, addressing some of the issues which were borne out of the big Chapter 2, Season 2 update.

There is no downtime required for this patch, as it’s only a small hotfix to address various stability issues. When any major update is released, it’s almost inevitable that some new code errors will result in bugs and glitches.

Despite only being a small patch, it has repaired some fairly major sticking points that had come up, including issues with sprinting, aim assist and more.

After the Season 2 update went live on February 20, players immediately began to notice problems with aim assist, with some even reporting it was working when aiming through walls or when sitting in bushes.


Additionally, editing builds while sprinting had become troublesome. These two potentially game-breaking faults have been resolved on all platforms with this update on February 25.

Another issue, only affecting controller players, was also fixed: ‘Repeatedly pressing the select button on controller when entering Maya’s Upgrade Vault may result in a loss of input in the Vault until exiting a match or restarting the game.’

Epic Games
Fortnite’s Season 2 patch introduced some new bugs.

Finally, an issue with the Corrupted Scratch Skin, which meant the corrupted style wasn’t actually showing in the lobby, has also been resolved.

These are all of the known issues addressed in the update, with any other minor stability fixes not noted publicly.


Fortnite February 25 update – patch notes

  • Fixed issue with editing while sprinting
  • Fixed issue with aim assist performing inconsistently
  • Fixed issue with Corrupted Scratch Outfit style showing no corruption in Lobby
  • Fixed issue with losing controller input in Maya’s Upgrade Vault

You can find all of the known issues that Epic Games are aware of and working on, on the Community Issues Trello Board.