Slurp Juice Has Been Temporarily Disabled in Fortnite – Glitch Details and Video

The Slurp Juice health potion has been temporarily disabled in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Epic Games announced that an issue with it had been discovered and developers are currently investigating the cause and working towards finding a fix.

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The announcement was posted on Twitter at 12:13 PM PT / 3:13 PM ET, close to 12 hours after the release of the extensive v5.1.0 Update.

Due to an issue discovered with Slurp Juice, we’ve temporarily disabled it as we investigate the cause and work towards a fix.

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The Slurp Juice is one of the items that has been fundamentally changed as part of the update. Its total effect has been increased to 75 health points, one per 0.5 seconds.

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Furthermore, once a player’s health is full, the remaining points are then granted as shield.

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The reason why the Slurp Juice has been disabled is because there was a glitch that allowed players to benefit from the healing but still have the item in their inventory.

This was achieved by simply cancelling the animation of consuming the Juice before it had fully finished, and thus essentially allowing players to have max health and unlimited shield and health boosts all the time.

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An example of the glitch in action can be seen below, in a video provided by news and leaks outlet ‘Fortnite Insider.

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