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Fortnite Battle Royale • Mar 03, 2019

Saf and Zayt win $400,000 Fortnite ESL Katowice Royale

Saf and Zayt win $400,000 Fortnite ESL Katowice Royale

Ghost Saf and NRG Zayt take home the top prize after winning the ESL Katowice Royale Fortnite event.


The pair ran away with the event, earning an unbelievably 831 points to finish over 200 clear of second place. E11's Boyerxd and Crippa finished second with 620 points, while Katowice Solo Champion Vinny1x finished third with TSM's ZexRow.

Fan favorite team NICKMERCS and Ghost Ayden had an event to forget, finishing in 46th place. Popular teams like Liquid's 72HRS and Chaplo along with FaZe Nate and Funkbomb also struggled on the way to 38th and 39th place, respectively.


NRG Zayt provided one of the highlights of the event, confidently letting the rest of the field know who was going to win. In round 14, Zayt jumped to the top of a build and did the "Hold the L" emote, taunting  the remaining players.

As far as a game play highlight goes, Zayt offered that as well. With two teams left in a closing circle, Zayt pulled out a Rift for a 3,000 IQ play that locked up the Victory Royale.


ESL Katowice Royale $400,000 Fortnite Event: Final Placements

1Ghost Saf & NRG Zayt$80,000
2E11 Boyerxd & E11 Crippa$64,000
3Vinny1x & TSM ZexRow$48,000
4Ghost DMO & Ghost Bizzle$32,000
5Atlantis Mitr0 & Atlantis Khuna$24,000
6LeStream Skite & LeStream Vato$24,000
7SEN Aspect & SEN Animal$16,000
8VP Jamside VP 7ssk7$16,000
9Ghost Kamo & Ghost Issa$16,000
10Villex & K1nzell$16,000
11Solary Airwaks & Solary Nikof$8,000
12E11 Tschinken & E11 Stompy$8,000
13LeStream Blaxou & LeStream TheVic$8,000
14Secret Domentos & Gambit Fwexy$8,000
15itemm & Alliance Tommo$8,000
16Solary Kinstaar & Solary Hunter
17Tuckz & Pr0vokd$4,000
18Atlantis kejseR & Atlantis Magin$4,000
19GO JuleZ & GO M11Z$4,000
20Navi Bowman & Navi Alpha$4,000
21LDLC Madzen & LDLC Seth
22smeef & Secret Milan
23Meta Envy & Meta SinOoh
24TSM Myth & TSM Cloud
25Svennoss & Andeeza
26Vitality Maxalibur & Vitality Keolys
27Viallinen & Windwalker
28Liquid Poach & Liquid Vivid
29Fnatic Pow3r & Fnatic Jarl
30Coffeh & Beehive
31Fnatic Motor & Fnatic Eryc
32INTZ Histtory & INTZ Faah
33Forward Noward & Forward Ares
34RNG x2 JOrdan & RNG x2 Jesse
35Skram & Sak0ner
36G2 RazZzero0o & G2 x8
37Zyppaan & Bloodx
38Liquid Chaplo & Liquid 72HRS
39FaZe Funkbomb & FaZe Nate
40WE_Zero7_CN & WE_Lil Jay_CN
41Unique Mirwana & Unique Inclyde
42AGO Zeek & AGO Povity
43Giants LOLiTO & Giants xlsma
44TOP FaxFox & TOP Aimhero_o
45DV1 Taiovrsky & DV1 Nero
46Ghost Aydan & NICKMERCS
47CR RizArt & CR Crazy Llama
48Heretics Markilokuras & Heretics Ryux
49DV1 Sk1x & DV1 Hoopek
50Prism Teeqzy & Prism Mushway