Pro player accuses Tfue of “witch hunt” after Fortnite tournament drama

Jacob Hale
Tfue, Epic Games

A professional Fortnite player has accused popular streamer and pro player Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney of forming a witch hunt against him and his teammates following a dramatic stream on November 24.

Tfue and his squad have faced some hardships in recent weeks, with stream snipers and the like running rampant and affecting their games. This is nothing new to the Fortnite star but is definitely detrimental when trying to qualify for a tournament.

However, being contested at their Steamy Stacks drop has inspired Tfue to call out his opponents – but they’ve now hit back and accused him of starting a witch hunt against them.

Epic Games
Steamy Stacks is a popular drop for players looking to maximize their rotation options.

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Fortnite player BlastaMastaa took to Reddit late on Sunday, November 24 following the Fortnite Championship Series squads tournament in which he and his teammates – Dogo, Mojo, and Luminosity Gaming’s Neferux.

Tfue’s call to action to his viewers, telling them to tweet LG owner Steve Maida and prompt him to drop Neferux from the organization, made Blasta question how a player can “get away with this on such a big platform.”

He explains, “My squad has been going Steamy for four weeks now. We’re already qualified on consistency and have to use this tournament basically as practice. We want to know exactly how well we play the drop going into heats and where we can improve. There isn’t an open spot for every team on the map, being contested/contesting is part of the game.”

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It’s clear to see why both parties might be annoyed: to Tfue, Cloakzy, and co., it seems like this squad is purposely trying to ruin their tournament and make it harder for them.

On the other hand, the Reddit post makes several good points. It’s not possible for every team to land at a different spot on the map as it simply isn’t big enough, so other teams landing on your drop is as good as inevitable.

In the past, many top players have expressed their annoyance at opposition landing at the same spot as them: one notable example was Team SoloMid’s ZexRow, who took aim at another player because of his contesting of ZexRow’s spot.

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How this works out down the line remains to be seen. Whether the young squad bows to pressure and stops dropping at Steamy Stacks is a question for next week.

In the meantime, it seems we’re more likely to see something happen within Tfue’s squad, which appears to be struggling to play together if that night’s arguments are anything to go by.