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Powerful new Fortnite exploit lets you build through walls

Published: 25/Aug/2020 4:50

by Brad Norton


An extremely powerful new Fortnite exploit is allowing players to build through their own solid walls and create bigger structures without needing a direct line of sight.

Before Season 3 of Fortnite comes to a close, a powerful exploit has been uncovered that allows players to build through walls. Creating bigger structures in the blink of an eye has always been useful in the popular battle royale. But now you can do it without exposing your character to incoming fire.

Through some simple camera manipulation, you can use Fortnite’s third-person perspective to your advantage. Without taking your current build down or editing a surface to see through, you can still create a bigger structure.


Such a dramatic change to the core gameplay loop is likely to have a huge ripple effect within the competitive scene. Here’s how Fortnite players are building through walls in the latest update.

Build Through ANY Wall EXPLOIT in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 from FortniteCompetitive

The first thing that you’ll need to do is build up a simple structure around you. Once you’re inside a box, ensure that the floor block is a pyramid. If you edit the top left section of this pyramid and then walk towards the upper right corner, your camera will squish in an interesting way.

Your character will disappear off to the side while the building forces the camera to squeeze into a tight corner. With this unique perspective, you can surprisingly build through the wall in front of you. It takes just a split second to setup and could see you building out massive structures without risking your life.


You can build anything from a floor to a wall and even ramps, according to Reddit user ‘OfficialHR’ who shared the exploit on August 23. This exploit can be used an endless number of times without any hindrance. So long as you get into a pattern of timing the camera trick just right, you’ll technically be able to build without ever exposing yourself again.

This could see a significant change to the way in which competitive Fortnite plays out at the highest level. The world’s best players might prioritize building materials more than ever due to the new exploit. Even opting for a more patient playstyle towards the endgame as well.


Fortnite building a standard 1x1
Epic Games
You can stay inside any given structure now and still continue building.

Epic Games is yet to address the latest instance of this exploit. However, it’s not the first time a similar problem has risen to the surface. A near-identical camera squishing exploit was spotted back in February.

While that version was soon patched out, there’s no telling how long this exploit might be around for. Keep your eyes peeled for enemies building within their current structures. It could soon be a popular tactic in Season 4 with the next major update right around the corner.