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Pokimane reveals one change she wants in Fortnite Season 2

Published: 22/Feb/2020 11:00 Updated: 22/Feb/2020 11:29

by Joe Craven


Pokimane, the world’s largest female streamer, has shared her reactions to the brand-new Fortnite Chapter 2 season, picking out both what she likes and what she’s dreading coming up against. 

As with any new season of a game like Fortnite, the community has been quick to establish its opinions. Despite not all the changes being clear – largely due to Epic Games’ reluctance to release exhaustive patch notes – fans have quickly isolated some aspects they want reverting. 

While the skins and emotes featured in the new battle pass have been generally praised, some players have expressed concern over the lack of tangible changes to the battle royale itself. Lannan ‘Lazarbeam’ Eacott has described the lack of significant changes as “pretty boring,”. By contrast, YouTuber ‘Lachlan’ is a big fan


Epic Games
Season 2 has introduced a number of new cosmetic items for players to try out, including a Deadpool skin.

Similarly, Pokimane expressed her admiration for the new skins — especially the Swole Cat and Midas. She also liked the new emotes, including the ‘Big Haul’ Glider. 

“I’m not gonna lie,” the 23-year-old opened. “These are really well done. They’re really cool.” A number of the new battle pass features relate to comic book characters, including Marvel’s Deadpool and DC’s anti-hero, Harley Quinn. 

Her love for the new battle pass prompted Poki to purchase all of its tiers, before she hopped into a few games. 

Playing alongside a bunch of random duos – as has become a staple of Pokimane’s Fortnite gameplay – she enjoyed finding the new POIs on the map, as well as sneaking around in the brand new Creepin’ Cardboard consumable, which essentially lets players sneak around in a box. 


However, Poki expressed concern at the re-introduction of the Remote Explosives (or ‘C4’), despite their base damage being reduced to 60. 

“I love C4,” she said sarcastically, after an enemy killed her thanks to the destructive power of the remotely detonated device. “Actually, they should remove the C4 again, that would be nice.”

The Remote Explosives have been back and forth in Fortnite, seeing nerfs and buffs as Epic struggle to balance its lethality towards players, and its environmental destruction.

Despite the flaws, Poki seems optimistic for the future of Epic Games’ building battle royale after signing the video off with a message about looking forward to duo pairings over the course of Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2.