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OpTic Gaming Star Loses Fortnite Tournament Semifinal in the Worst Possible Way

Published: 25/Jun/2018 12:55 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:05

by Ross Deason


OpTic Gaming’s Fortnite Battle Royale star, Robert ‘WizKay’ Carmen Simone, fell foul of one of the most annoying deaths in history while playing in the 2 vs. 2 CMG PC tournament.

The Fortnite Battle Royale hype train shows no sign of slowing down any time soon and the competitive scene is already beginning to blow up despite the lack of custom/private matches.

One player that has already landed himself a spot on one of the biggest and best esports organizations on earth it OpTic Gaming’s WizKay, but that didn’t stop him from dying in the worst possible way during a $400 tournament in the early hours of June 25th.

Playing alongside Josh ‘JerKH26’ Riley in the 2 vs. 2 CMG tournament, WizKay made it all of the way to the semifinals but had to wait an hour and a half to play it.

Once the match finally started, WizKay fell foul of one of the most annoying tricks in the entire game after he dropped into a basement full of pyramid roofs.

WizKay was then ambushed by one player after another as a full squad began to emerge from underneath the various pyramids. Despite knocking two opponents he was eventually dropped and he was quite clearly not happy about the situation!

WizKay and JerKH26 would go on to lose the semifinal match and the death to the pyramid squad clearly weighed heavily on the OpTic player’s mind.

Taking to Twitter after the game, WizKay shared the clip along with the caption “Waited an hour and a half for my semi finals round and this is how I lose……”

He also responded to a comment from Thiefs, saying that he wasn’t sure how he didn’t use his monitor as a punching bag, and we have to say that we were thinking the same thing!


Fortnite leak reveals size of upcoming Venom skin and it’s scary

Published: 30/Oct/2020 14:43

by Connor Bennett


A Fortnite leak has revealed the size of the upcoming Venom skin, and it looks like it’s going to be pretty big.

Over the course of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, some of the most well-known and much loved Marvel character have been available to purchase as a skin, or have had their abilities be playable in-game.

That includes the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and Groot, but there are still some characters that have been rumored, and even leaked, to be coming to the battle royale that still haven’t made an appearance. 

Venom, the adversary of Spider-Man, has been teased as a new skin given that his abilities have been seen in-game through the Marvel limited-time mode. Though, a first-look hasn’t been leaked just yet. 

Epic Games
Season 4 has been all about Marvel, but that will change in Season 5.

Well, while leakers haven’t been able to show off the new skin just yet, they have been able to reveal just how big it’ll look in-game. 

“Venom is confirmed to be a skin and it’s supposed to be large like Brutus,” reliable leaker HYPEX tweeted on October 29. As anyone who has played the last few seasons of Fortnite knows, Brutus is one of the game’s bigger and bulky characters. 

So, it looks like Venom will be coming in his bigger than usual form – rather than fitting into a usually tiny frame like Jonesy or the other defaults. Though, some fans would also like to see a normal Eddie Brock skin, similar to how there’s also a Tony Stark skin. 

On top of the Venom confirmation, HYPEX also noted that fellow leaker intercelluar uncovered two other skins with the code names ‘PinkRaptor’ and ‘LunchBox’.

Given that Epic Games love to hide their skin behind these cryptic names, there’s no telling for sure as to what they could be, and we’ll just have to wait until a leaker manages to make them public.