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Ninja reveals whether he gets paid by Epic Games for playing Fortnite

Published: 27/Dec/2018 12:25 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 14:16

by Matt Porter


Twitch superstar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has revealed if Epic Games have ever paid him for playing their popular battle royale title, Fortnite.

The former professional Halo player became a sensation on the popular streaming website during 2018, even making appearances on traditional media outlets like television with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


A Lot of Ninja’s success on Twitch has come thanks to Fortnite, and fans have often wondered if the developers have paid Blevins to continue playing the game, as his hugely popular stream brings new eyes to the game.

Epic GamesFortnite helped propel Ninja to the top of Twitch.


On December 26, WIRED uploaded a video of Blevins completing one of their famous Autocomplete Interviews, where celebrities answer questions that are regularly searched on Google.

During the interview, the topic of payment came up, with many fans of the streamer asking: “Does Ninja get paid by Fortnite?” The American was happy to broach the subject, declaring that he had never received any payment from Epic Games.

“I have to really think about this, because I don’t want to misspeak,” stated Ninja. “I don’t think I’ve been paid by them to do anything, ever. Other than what they’ve done for everyone like the Support-A-Creator code, and they didn’t pay me for that. So no, Fortnite has not paid me.”


Ninja’s appearance on the WIRED Autocomplete Interview series has been met with some negativity, with the video already amassing 76,000 dislikes making it the most disliked edition of the series yet, something that fellow Fortnite streamer Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman finds “ridiculous.”

Ninja’s big year is set to continue, with the streamer hosting his own New Years Eve Fortnite event in Times Square in New York City.


4 skin bundles leaked ahead of Fortnitemares Halloween event

Published: 13/Oct/2020 9:52

by David Purcell


Epic Games have had four of their upcoming Fortnite bundles leaked following the v14.30 update, but it’s unclear if this is all that’s coming with the Fortnitemares Halloween event. 

The game’s developers have arguably been a little slower than usual for rolling out new content in the battle royale title, yet we are quickly approaching a busy time of year for the game – the festive season.


In the weeks and months ahead, we can expect to see a full-blown Halloween event, coupled by their holiday challenges and updates.

For now, though, we’ll just have to settle for a few bundles here and there to keep the game ticking over. Some of them look impressive nonetheless.

Fortnite gameplay
Epic Games
Fortnite has been given a big shakeup in recent times, and more bundles are coming.

Fortnite leaked bundles from v14.30 update

Following the rollout of the game’s latest patch, which saw the introduction of a Rally Royale LTM and gave the Pump Shotgun a big buff, leakers were quickly hard at work finding unreleased content.

On October 13, ShiinaBR hit the jackpot with four different bundles – as seen below.

They include Daredevil’s red skin, as well as previously released Halloween skins that will likely return to the Item Shop.


The data miner didn’t put an expected release date on any of these bundles, or prices for that matter, but their introduction to the game files suggests players won’t have to wait long before they are made available to use in-game.

As mentioned earlier, Halloween is just around the corner for the community, so we should expect even more weird and wonderful skins to be released in the near future.

If it goes down anything like this patch, they will probably be leaked ahead of time as well – so keep your eyes peeled.