Ninja offers potential solution to Fortnite’s Turbo Building catastrophe

Isaac McIntyre
Epic Games / Ninja - Mixer

The Fortnite community is in an uproar over Epic’s decision to nerf turbo building in the recently released v10.20 update, and top Mixer streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins thinks he may have found a solution to the problem.

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The changes to turbo building in the latest patch saw the time between build placements increase from 0.05 to 0.15. It’s not huge numbers-wise, but taking three times between building pieces means things will be missed during crunch-time.

Myth was the first to take aim at Epic for the nerf, and expressed his disappointment he could no longer “crank 90s” since the change. Now Ninja has joined the cries against Epic, but he’s got a slightly different approach than just tweeting his annoyance.

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“I promise you if every streamer stopped playing this game, and every YouTuber stopped uploading content, I still don’t think Epic would change anything,” he said first. The idea clearly grew on him as he played, however.

“It would be an interesting test. Just a week straight imagine if no pro players played in the Cash Cups. Every single Fortnite streamer with two thousand viewers or more, and said ‘We’re not going to play for two weeks, or stream it for two weeks’.”

Epic Games
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The Mixer superstar slowly began to convince himself of the idea, and as he spoke he began to work out details for the hypothetical ‘strike’ situation.

“We’d have to legitimately form a union. Realistically if we all banded together in a group DM, we could say ‘We’re not going to play anymore’,” said Ninja. “We’re not going to play cash cups, we’re not even going to try to compete. We’re not going to do anything’.”

Segment starts at 1:20 mark for mobile users.

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If Ninja decided he wanted to found that DM, he’d likely find more than enough content creators eager to join. The hashtag #RevertTurboBuilding has been trending on Twitter, and Epic’s newly revealed reasons behind the nerfs have only stoked the flames.

Ninja was one of those annoyed by their statement on the turbo building changes. “‘What we don’t want to do is dramatically impact how responsive building feels…” he read from the notes. “Well, you did that! That’s the number one thing you guys impacted.”

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It’s clear Epic are trying to level the playing field for casual players in their games, but that choice has drawn the heat from some of the biggest names in the game. 

With more and more players jumping on the hate-wagon, a revert to the nerf similar to Epic’s decision to reduce the power of BRUTE Mechs after #Removethemechs trended on social media is likely on the horizon in the near future. It’s that, or Ninja creates that DM group.