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Ninja jokes about accusations of copying Dakotaz and Tfue in Fortnite

Published: 19/Dec/2019 17:38

by Eli Becht


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is perhaps the first big name who made the switch to Fortnite, but despite that he has never had a set skin that players and viewers know him by.

Over Fortnite’s lifespan, many of the bigger streamers have become known for a certain skin, like Benjyfishy with Fishstick and Dakotaz with the Snorkel Ops. It’s not that Ninja hasn’t tried to claim a skin, as he’s been jokingly asking for a skin based on him to be put into the game basically since launch.

The developers haven’t added a Ninja skin and it’s unlikely they’ll ever do so, considering nobody else has gotten this sort of treatment either.


Epic GamesThe Fishstick may be a strange skin, but it’s Benjyfishy’s favorite.

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However, any time Ninja has tried to use a skin, his viewers quickly let him know that what he was using was already taken.

“I can’t have nice things anymore, dude,” he said. “I was using Brite Bomber and out of nowhere, everyone was like ‘That’s DK’s (Dakotaz) skin’ even though I had more viewers. Brite Bomber was DK’s skin so I had to leave the Brite Bomber alone.”

What makes this even funnier is that Dakotaz has since moved on to the Snorkel Ops skin, so the Brite Bomber is once again free for the taking.


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This explanation came on the heels of Reverse2k saying the Pipsqueak pickaxe reminded him of Tfue, even though Ninja was the one using it at the moment.

It just goes to show how much impact using the same cosmetics over and over can have. Since Fortnite releases new skins daily, Ninja usually scoops them up and wears them, meaning he’s constantly switching things up instead of settling on a main one.

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If Ninja wants to avoid accusations like this in the future, as harmless as they are, he will have to find a skin he really likes and stick with it. With a game that has as many different options as Fortnite, it shouldn’t be too hard to find something he enjoys.


Even if there isn’t anything he likes a whole lot at the moment, there’s bound to be something eventually due to how many different cosmetics enter the game.