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Ninja hits out at “stupid little kids” hating on Fortnite Season 2

Published: 27/Feb/2020 16:16

by Matt Porter


Mixer streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is a staunch supporter of Fortnite and he’s hit back at players and streamers who have criticized the game’s Season 2 update, calling those unhappy “toxic” and frustrated because they had “fallen off.”

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 was the longest in the game’s history, so it was no surprise that fans of the popular battle royale title were anxious to get their hands on the new season, expecting some major changes to help freshen the game up as many complained it had become stale.

Season 2 did bring a host of updates, including new spy missions and four locations, however a vocal section of the game’s fanbase felt that Epic Games hadn’t done enough. With Ninja repeatedly stating that he feels Fortnite Season 2 is the best the game has felt in a long time, it seems he has grown tired of the complaints and lashed out at those criticizing the title.


Epic Games
Fortnite’s Season 2 introduced The Agency, with secret missions and new characters.

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While playing with SypherPK, Nate Hill, and Funk, Ninja received a message from a viewer, asking him what he thought of the season after all the “let-downs.” The streamer immediately disagreed, saying: “What are you talking about? This is one of the best seasons and updates they’ve had in the last four seasons. This is better than nine, eight, ten. I still get TikToks doing old Fortnite clips saying ‘It’s so sad Fortnite’s dying.'”

“These stupid little kids don’t get it. They don’t give it a chance, it’s toxic. It’s not going anywhere, you might as well start playing it again because it’s fun as sh*t. The people who are still hating on this game are just ones that have fallen off like Sypher said. Didn’t put the time in to get good at it, and are just complaining because they’re not good.”


“Or they’re just haters man,” concluded Ninja. “This is the most fun this game has been in a long time. In a long time! I’m excited to get on and play Solos because I’m down to land at The Agency and clear it out for two hours.”

(Clip starts at 0:33 for mobile users.)

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The 28-year-old has been extremely vocal about the new Fortnite season already, explaining why he loves it in a tweet back on February 25.

In it, he praised the developers for introducing the new Agency location, and their decision to alter the loot pool, which he feels makes gunfights faster, and adds extra mobility to the game.