Ninja forced to commentate over stream snipers during Fortnite tournament - Dexerto

Ninja forced to commentate over stream snipers during Fortnite tournament

Published: 11/Mar/2019 1:12 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 1:14

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer and Fortnite player Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ stint in Europe has seen a plethora of notable moments – but one instance stirred a bit more controversy than the rest.

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Ninja was in the midst of his ‘Night Shift’ Fortnite event in Poland when he became the unfortunate victim of stream snipers, who managed to hit him from over 209 meters away.

While Ninja put up a good fight, he ultimately lost a tense skirmish with the snipers – which led to some jokingly heated comments from the streamer.

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“That’s okay, man,” Ninja said of his death. “It’s alright, dude. Now I get to commentate the entire game, dude. It’s just what I wanted to do from the beginning, anyway. It doesn’t matter.”


The sniper who took Ninja out, ‘Huuuber,’ broke out into an emote as a humorous taunt, to which Ninja made an even spicier comment.

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“Just gotta – some wonderful, wonderful sportsmanship from these guys,” Ninja continued sarcastically. “…you took me out this early, got the Marshmello skin on, lookin’ fresh.”

Comments in a YouTube video of the altercation showed widespread sympathy for Ninja, with some users calling the snipers “toxic” due to sniping the streamer at his own tournament.

Some commenters weren’t too sure that Ninja was joking, after being taken out by stream snipers during his Night Shift event in Poland.[ad name=”article4″]

“They were probably some toxic kids who wanted to say that they could kill Ninja at school,” one wrote.


“You can tell Ninja is pissed, but he’s not showing it,” said another.

While Ninja suffered an unfortunate loss, his trip to Europe saw some lighthearted and hilarious moments – including his NSFW flub of the French language with popular streamer Gotaga during their joint stream.