Ninja explains why new Mythic gun is a “problem” in Fortnite Season 2

Ninja streaming on mixer with blue hair and fortnite drum gunMixer: Ninja

Top Fortnite streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ first experience of Chapter 2, Season 2, was dominated by the addition of new Mythic weapons, including the Drum Gun and Minigun.

These new weapons have been added to tie in with the Ghost and Shadow team lore, but Mythic weapons, such as the infamous Infinity Blade, have been grossly overpowered in the past.

For Season 2, Epic Games has thrown caution to the wind with a new and improved Drum Gun and Mythic Minigun, both now deadly weapons.

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gold minigun in fortniteEpic Games
The Minigun now has a Mythic variant for Brutus in Season 2 of Chapter 2.

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When Ninja found the Brutus Minigun, it was instantly added to his arsenal on day one of the update, and was shocked to discover how deadly accurate and powerful it was.

After wiping out one opponent, he made quick work of another, tearing down their build and “lasering” their character to win the game.

“This gun is a problem!” Ninja exclaimed, “it cools off, but bro it’s a laser! It’s an actual laser.” When asked what it’s accuracy was like, he responded, “very [accurate], when I say laser I mean pin-point. It’s like first-shot accuracy, full spray.”

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First-shot accuracy is a feature in Fortnite that ensures your first bullet will go precisely where the crosshair is centered. Subsequent shots are meant to be less accurate due to recoil and spray, but Ninja thinks this weapon retains it’s first shot accuracy even when “full spray.”

Ninja shocked by “disgusting” Drum Gun

The Minigun is not the only new Mythic weapon added for Season 2 though, as the divisive Drum Gun has also made its return, now in all gold. Ninja has previously had is problems with older versions of the Drum Gun too.

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Ninja was equally shocked that it was so strong too, even apologizing to one opponent after taking them out, saying “I’m so sorry this gun exists.”

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The new Drum Gun has been given an increased fire rate, and it’s still as deadly as ever against builds, particularly because of the reduced need to reload so often.

The same can be said about the minigun too, which just churns out round after round, with incredible accuracy, as Ninja noted.

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Whether these weapons see nerfs, or perhaps get vaulted altogether remains to be seen. But, Epic has seemingly been more reluctant to nerf or remove weapons or items, even when some in the community believe them to be overpowered.

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