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Ninja explains why he’s actually loving Fortnite Season 2

Published: 26/Feb/2020 11:34 Updated: 26/Feb/2020 11:37

by Jacob Hale


Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has explained why he’s actually really enjoying Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2, saying it “feels like old times.”

Throughout recent updates, many content creators have turned away from Epic Games’ battle royale hit as they stop having as much fun on it, and even Ninja himself has been guilty of complaining about certain aspects of the game.

Fans of the streamer won’t have heard too many moments of frustration about the game during Season 2 though,  and now the Fortnite star has explained why it’s going so well and what is making the update that much better than the game has been in past seasons.


Epic Games
Season 2 has brought in a bunch of new content to Fortnite, with a ‘Top Secret’ theme.

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In a tweet posted on February 25, Ninja expressed the feeling that Fortnite now “feels like old times,” a reference to the earlier days of Fortnite when it was really booming.

He says that increased launch pads and spray weapons makes games and fights faster, while comparing the agency area to Tilted Towers – an area of the previous map that players are now sorely missing. He also singles out the battle pass, which he claims is “one of the best in a long time.”

As a content creator, all of the above must make Season 2 feel like a blessing to Ninja, for whom things like quicker mobility, faster fights, and a great battle pass make for a neverending stream of high-octane content to enjoy.


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The comments were filled with mixed responses, with some followers saying that it feels fresh once more while others actually disagree entirely, thinking the “spray meta” – something Ninja has mentioned isn’t great – is too much and asking Epic to remove some of the spray weapons.

The increased number of launch pads especially is of significant importance, as a feature fans have been calling to have back for months since mobility was severely reduced in the game.

Whether it brings back previous Fortnite players as they seek to relive some of the nostalgia of yesteryear remains to be seen, but Ninja makes a good case for why this could be one of the most fun seasons we’ve seen in a while.