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Ninja details which Apex Legends feature Epic Games should add to Fortnite

Published: 23/Feb/2019 0:14 Updated: 23/Feb/2019 12:19

by Albert Petrosyan


There’s a feature in Apex Legends that’s apparently so good that popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins wants to see it added to Fortnite Battle Royale.

Although still a battle royale at its core, Apex Legends has introduced some features to the genre that have never really been seen before in other titles.

Many of these new features have been very highly regarded by the player-base, such as the Ping system, advanced movement mechanics, and specialized Legends characters.

But the one feature that Ninja really thinks Epic Games should consider adding to Fortnite is Apex’s teammate respawn system, which allows players to spawn their teammates back into the match after they’ve been fully eliminated.


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“Epic’s always evolved and they just need to continue to involve, and they know that,” he said. “You have that amazing of a game that comes out like Apex with a great mechanic, and they have to come up their own and expand on it.”

The way that the respawn system works in Apex Legends is if one or two players on a team get eliminated, they can still come back into the game as long as at least one teammates survives and takes their ‘body beacon(s)’ to one of the numerous respawn points on the map.

The players then are  transported back to the map via a deploy ship, and have to start looting to restock their inventory and try to get back into the thick of things.


This has been of the most popular and well-received aspects of Apex Legends, as players no longer have to suffer through sitting and watching their teammates play just because they were eliminated by a kill-hungry enemy player who wanted to get the last laugh.

The way it could be altered to fit into the Fortnite theme, as proposed by Ninja, is by adding giant llama alters as the respawn points, and having players “pray” at these alters to resurrect their fallen teammates. 

Whether or not this feature will be added to Fortnite, only time will tell. However, as Ninja hinted at in the clip, Epic know better than anyone that gauging the community is one of the key steps to ensuring success, and if players are really liking this sort of mechanic, then developers may very well decide to ultimately add it in Fortnite.