Ninja criticizes Fortnite pro players for being “negative” and always complaining

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins hit out at Fortnite professional players who constantly complain about the game’s current state.

The latest patch introduced a new in-game item, The Baller, which provides players with a small layer of protection and a Grappler for quick rotations around the map.

As a result, the item has been an extremely useful tool to professional players during the recent Gauntlet Pop Up Cup as it can prevent taking damage and save materials during hectic end games consisting of many elite level players.

Epic GamesThe Baller can allow players to rotate easily in the constantly moving storm circles.

Naturally, many pro players have complained about its introduction including Team Liquid’s Jake ‘Poach‘ Brumleve who tweeted that the balls are “planes all over again.”

However, Ninja feels that pro players will never be happy with any of items that are introduced to the game.

“What do the pros like?” he said during a stream with Reverse2K. “If you want to follow negative people, follow any player who plays the game professionally. […] 99% of the time – all their tweets are all negative.”

On the other hand, the former Halo pro player did sympathize with their situation and admitted that some of his tweets were negative too.

Nevertheless, he felt that The Baller addition wasn’t too overpowered in the current meta due to their low starting health and the current power of the assault rifles.

Blevins is yet to immerse himself fully into the game’s competitive scene but has been performing well during the recent pop-up cup events.

With $30m on offer at the upcoming Fortnite World Cup event, Ninja could be tempted to take the game more seriously to have a chance at winning.

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