FaZe Tfue discovers "broken" Fortnite exploit with The Baller and Volcano

by Connor Bennett


FaZe Clan Fortnite professional Turner 'Tfue' Tenney stumbled onto a new bug with the new The Baller vehicle during a recent stream - and he couldn't stop laughing at what he witnessed. 


The V8.10 Update for Fortnite officially released on Tuesday, March 12, and brought with it a brand new vehicle - The Baller. The single-occupancy vehicle has a Grappler attached to the front, which makes for some ridiculous footage as it bounces around the map.

Yet, players have already discovered a new use for the vehicle - flying in the sky and getting a better look at the entire map, while also having the chance to redeploy and take up a new position within the circle. 


Instagram: FaZe
Instagram: FaZe
The popular Fortnite pro recently lost his top spot as the highest-earning player in the game.

Tfue took the vehicle into the lava below the Volcano. After rolling towards the main flowing waterfall-like part of the fiery surface, the popular streamer was sent flying into the air - giving him a full birds-eye view of the map.

“Yo!” Tfue called out after laughing at what had happened. “Yo! That’s fucking broken!” he added further after ejecting himself from the vehicle and began gliding back down towards the ground.


While the popular Fortnite professional and streamer alluded to the fact that something was wrong with his “broken” comment, he could clearly see the funny side of things as he laughed all the way through.

Strange things like that happen in Fortnite often due to a number of different reasons - prompting Epic Games into action whenever a tweak needs to be made. Seeing as Tfue isn't the only player to come across the bug, Epic will probably issue a fix sooner rather than later. 

Being able to fly high above the map is definitely not how the game developer intended for the new vehicle to be used.